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Unsung hero
Truly an unsung hero in this headline.

I was digging through old photos earlier today cleaning out my closet.
I came upon some photos of my mastiffs from the dog show days.
Loved those furry guardian angels. total unconditional love.
Never ever had to lock a door.
Not even the mailman came near the house with 210lb Brutus looming in
the floor to ceiling windows.
Saw this just now and almost cried. Anyone speak Spanish? I got the basic gist of
the comments below the article and I must agree that it was negligence albeit
understandable crisis situation.
Click on the photos to enlarge and get comments.

I think I noodle around the bots to see if this was predicted.

yup -sadly
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AD, I would have translated for you, but I can't see the comments...they aren't showing up in my browser (I'm on a Linux system using a Firefox browser, and they just aren't showing up...but I have cookies blocked, too).

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