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4/27/2016 10:45pm Binery Code?
(04-28-2016, 05:04 PM)*AD Wrote: Empathic energy is not always easy to live with as most do not understand the impact
it has on one's soul.
Sometimes' its like having raw nerves exposed. No cure for that.
I do understand your need to remain private, though I thought Richard's idea was
a good one in some safe environment for the mind/heart/spirit.

*AD it is deeper than you think...

I have complete memories of my past life. The ones we are not suppose to remember. Painful memories of all three of children dying in a fire.

I have considered doing regression therapy to get more details, so i can find my actual past life, but like Eagle1 once asked me.... WHAT WOULD IT SOLVE OR DO FOR ME TO FIND THAT INFORMATION BESIDES BRING UP HORRIBLE PAINFUL MEMORIES.

In that past life i killed myself after loosing my husband and three children.

I realized that those memories if opened maybe my own personal pandora's box... one that i may lose my mind exploring and never come back from.

This whole conversation is making me look and feel like a nut job.

I am going to check out for a while.
(04-27-2016, 06:16 AM)Skeetersaurus Wrote: Wow, it makes me think of the (I think it was) the Rendalsham Forest UFO event. The two airmen who found the spaceship in the woods that when one touched it, they saw a binary code that he remembered and wrote-down. It referred to the old 'High Brazil' (off the coast of the UK, south of Ireland), that said 'for man's continuation....'

I've always highly valued dreams or visions that contained language or words which the viewer did not know or understand at the time of the vision (I've had quite a few of these, where I have to get up and while I still remember it, look it up to see what it meant).

As soon as I hit 'post', an epiphany hit me. The words, while in binary, are removed of punctuation and possibly proper concatenation. Like an anagram, I played just a touch with them, and got this:

20 degrees
a change to water
earth heats
sun changes
mankind goes underground
watch the skies
(Like a Quattrain)

From this, I don't take it to mean 'global warming', I take it to be an impact event - possibly impacting at 20-degrees (latitude and longitude are absent). As a result, the earth heats, the sun appears to change, mankind goes underground, and the prudent should 'watch the skies' (again, confirmation of the 20 degrees reference).

It feels like a fit, when viewed as a whole...but again, just my personal interpretation.

Unusual weather worldwide; India setting heat records ( ), UK and Northern Europe record cold ( ), Brazil floods ( )
April 28, 2016 - Part 2: More Binary Code from Sgt. C. J. —
Mysterious Ancient Sumerian and Akkadian Words.

“The first two words and the fourth word
look to be Akkadian and not Sumerian.”

- Joshua Jeffers, Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,
Babylonian Section, Philadelphia, PA
Windy, you are a very gifted person. Nut? not a chance. You routinely have psychic experiences and can hardly even go into a hospital, for example. Remember when you were visiting your daughter and said someone was about to cross over in a room near there or some thing. You proved your gift by the nurse overhearing what you told your daughter and then a code red or something that means same thing, was announced. The nurse was freaked out after first thinking you nuts, and refused to come back in the room. the type of life you live.

You are awesome. You are also a very wise soul, "old soul" some folks call it, just like one of my daughters.

Now, if you were just being rhetorical in what you said about looking like a nut. Big Grin then pardon the ring here, from me.

Love ya gal~
Well, tonight in church while as I was listening to different gospels being read, I started thinking some parts were sounding like botruns…that would make me a bit nuts too. haha

So a poster thinks this message might come from the future.  This got me to thinking.   

A one and a zero is a minimum mass to send.   Thus if it takes a tremendous energy to send a message to the past, a tiny mass something could be sent, thus if each mass is of a slightly different mass, and each of the two masses are the same mass, then a bindi nary code could be sent.

However, as scientists grit their teeth over super novas, they say if one went off nearby our sun, this explosion would have already happened!  But the shock wave and energy would have to travel at the speed of light, thus taking years to reach us all!  
Now....if a advanced civilization were to see this wave approaching the earth, they might want to warn us.  But how?  The message would travel at the speed of light!  Ah, but "tunneling" might occur!  This is where one might be able to send near zero mass particles much much faster than light, your hyperdrive idea.  But the mass of each particle would have to be near zero and maybe this is why the binary code.

We would have no warning.  The shock wave would appear near instantly and probably last for days, indeed heating up the surface of the earth hot enough to melt iron!  The electromagnetic energy might scramble our brains, all of us could go insane.  

Anyway, just an idea, no psychic intuition.....

Yes, but a very good idea and don't discount the aspect of intuition in your response. Something niggled at you to post. I'm glad you did because you offered a scenario that is not only plausible but could be probable, one that I know didn't occur to me.
Well, I was niggled by more than intuition, to reply!!   I was referred here by a pen pal from England.
She too has such interest in the future of mankind and her interest lies in how spiritual we all can become and things do not look good in that department.  She has been Told that a vast cleaning up of the earth will happen. Soon.
    Of course one of the reasons why I know her and that I too have had a number of such visions. I hope the probability of mine has been over written!  I have not had many for the last ten years.  But oooohh the ones that I did have!   You would not want to know...
      In one, a guide asked me if I wanted to come to see....and after being shown more or less Total Destruction, and banks of gray clouds covered up all of earths cities and I know not if by volcanic or nuclear or asteroid winter, I asked....."how about the survivors"?  
He then gave to me a piercing look!
He says.....SURVIVORS!   S..U..R..V..I...V..O...R.....S.     A long long drawn out last word, the tone was clear, that this is such a stupid question, would a beetle bug survive a direct hit by a hydrogen bomb?!
Then I saw a farm...I heard the voice of the guide....."the new race to come".  They looked human but with purple eyes!

One of many many....fortunately none have come to pass......

Thus my interest.....
In my next post, as I will have to send before looking it up, is a link to my blog where I have a few of these written up, plus dreams of going to see places in the afterlife worlds....which brings up ANOTHER concern!  I have been having dreams, and my pen pal as well, that infer most of the astral planes have been removed!  She was told that.  I have seen this.  A new astral plane has been created.  
The standards for living there will be VERY strict!  No negativity....


Hi all, again.

Here is the link to my own experiences of OBE to visit spirit lands.   Many of them.  There is another section where I have put up some of my end time dreams too.  On the right sidebar...each link is to a written up experience.  

So this is one reason why I read here.   

Thank you...freestone
The astral planes have been a mess for several years. I've been restricted from going there for over a year because it's not a good place to be on my own. Last time I went walkies, the whole plane was deserted. Kind of creepy. Those who escorted me were concerned about what was happening. So I'm not surprised that the astral planes are also undergoing a huge shift.
Hi all.

My pen pal lady gave me permission to give her own binary numbers on a scroll, dream.
She was amazed to see Skee also had one!

Here it is....

Quote:Oh my gosh, someone had the same dream as me!!! What are the odds?!!
Quote:No, not Lemuria-present. I just saw, in my dream notebook, just before
Quote:that dream last night, I had this one.

Quote:'A strange narrow shallow pool or trough, set into the floor, with
Quote:coloured glass bottles in? A word. Beth-something. Bethseda, Bethesda,
Quote:US place or Bible, or Bethdan? Beth something.
Quote:I see an old, old man, ancient, like father time . He holds up a
Quote:scroll, and begins to read from it. Looking closer, I see that the
Quote:scroll is really long rolls of the old green perforated computer
Quote:paper. He is reading binary code, in an old, quavering voice, like OI
Quote:OI OI OO I, etc - can't remember order........

Has anyone seen the new Google?
It is a man sitting between the GOO ~ GLE
and he is Juggling 1's and 0's (Binary Code)
(04-29-2016, 05:37 PM)Freestonew Wrote: She was amazed to see Skee also had one!

FYI: it was not Skee that had the binary code dream.

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