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Finally starting to get over that week-long crud I had, that made me miserable and oh-so sleepy for so long.

Last night, I went to bed early and had several dreams - but the strangest thing, I saw nothing. It was like hearing 'radio in the dark'.

The fragments included the following (that I remember):


"Evil is tasked to do this work, that old icons of worship are destroyed, that the new era can be given an uncorrupted start"

"Books shall be valuable only for the fiber they are, for the evil of men's thoughts predominate their pages, and serve no good going further"

"This is the reason that evil races to move the world's knowledge to computers, for they think they can preserve perpetually their evil thoughts. This shall not stand, for they do nothing more than move their evil from one fire to another"

"We can take away their power (electricity), and return them quickly to a simpler time, without such evil secrecy and creator-like weaponry"

"They have used religion as a corrupt lawbook to enslave the lowly and poor. This is abomination, and will be ended"

"That they do not value their leisure to do good for their fellow-man, we shall remove their leisure that the burden of their day shall be in the dust to survive once more"


There was more to this 'apparent eavesdropped council meeting', but I either don't remember it, or that was all I was allowed to hear.

By the way, on the 'taking away their power (electricity)', I had the clear feeling that this was not mean to imply the 'forces that are' would simply shut down electrical generating plants, but that somehow, they had the ability to literally stop the physics behind electricity working as it does, so that say you had a wind driven power generator, it still wouldn't work to make electricity anymore. They meant to literally change conventional physics, so we would not have electricity any longer.
Hey Skeeter - So happy that you have such a good memory. I love the one that says, "They have used religion as a corrupt law book to enslave the lowly and poor. This is abomination, and will be ended".

Feels to me like the ones you heard talking are the ones I call "The Counsel of Elders". Sometimes I also call them the "The Counsel of 12 Elders" because there are 12 of them. They wanted you to hear them.
Julie, I actually know of those you mentioned (afraid for quite some time, that I was just imagining that, of course). They noticed me once, when I mentioned in consciousness how 'amazed' they were that I had heard, understood, and was not afraid of them, being only 'a mortal'...but I really cringe at 'being noticed'. In legend, Hercules got noticed too ... and his trials were quite legendary (and exceedingly painful for him). As anyone knows, you should NOT draw attention to I don't mention a lot that I hear. That some of this mentioned above has been openly discussed for some time in general public debate on the internet, I didn't see much of it as that amazing, only confirming.

On a side note, I've thought that for some time, many forces working to do destruction to old religious icons, as well as those trying to set up some manmade religious new-age, were both serving a greater good - even though most of it is from the heart of evil that the destruction actually comes. We condemn it here because we think it is evil, but I think it is meant to serve a greater 'long-term' good in the end.
Impressive, Skee.....

Coupled with not only my own dreams, over the years, I add another friend,s dreams also .    Each of us two are like drawing a line through a circle to find its center, each dreamer shows another side to the  Future.

My friend saw, very recently, like this very week, that there is a new astral, now.  A whole new creation and for us when we arrive there.  Will be VERY rule driven, so to keep out negative thoughts and feelings.  Any negativity and out you go.  It must begin so, as to keep the old uncleanways out.
I know, myself, that what ever happens in the astral planes, will soon appear here on earth, we too will have a new age coming very very soon!   As you described.  
     My friend too, has seen things that were utterly wiped from her brain before awakening.  And that the old ways will be the way we all will live, not maybe us living, but the new people on earth.
      I have seen in my dreams entire zones of the afterlife taken down!  I saw a government area being dismantled, I think this area had to do with reincarnating.   Over the years, I have spirit traveled to Lands.  Appalachian land, one name.  A guide told me that anyone who lived in these mountains, can live here and this place is only a step on the way to even a higher heaven.

I have seen where purgatory was having its skies to becoming clear, and the hells to be next, both to be brought up to heaven areas.qq

Reads to me like the new age to come, why the people might be living like the early Toltecs, Olemecs, Mayans.   Farming but no written language.  The history and tales are all oral.   No kids go to school, no one lives more than walking distance from where they are born.  No lamps, everyone goes to bed early!
Maybe even stone plows.   Much like the early Middle Ages.  One works as a way of life all day.  Do not work, do not aid others, you have to leave....
VERY strict rules. Like a monastic life.  Might BE a monastic life.  A whole series of monestaries and ten thousand years later not a thing will change!   Stability, order, regularity, honesty, wholesomeness, honor, forthrightness, and the. And the boy scout oath.
     No religion.

But there will be spirit and collective worship.  Direct communication with Spirit.

Home and family and hearth and neighbors.  That will be life.

Deathly dull for most of us today.  

At some point, months or years ahead, there will be disasters or ww iii.  Very few survivors.  Do not even think of becoming a Survivor with bug out bags to go.  Not unless Spirit gave to you a Directive TO become a survivor!

We all will perhaps then go to the new astral.  Maybe never to reincarnate agIn to any earth sphere!
There, each of us will have our subconscious open up and every shadow will be revealed, not only to each person, but to everyone around them.  No secrets!   If you, say, have a moment of a negative thought, in a room full of people, instantly everyone will Know... the human  race will be Reset back to pre ancient  times!

But then OUR high school may well be over...graduation time.  On to college.
The next group of new students are now to come in.  Might never have ever incarnated on a physical planet.  Little wonder the rules need to be strict.  

I once had a dream, years ago, where I was taken on a tour of " museum of mankind"! To my left we walked along a trail next to a beach.  I saw important historical exhibits, marking important moments in our history. ....the Cross, ....the Nazi era, for instance.
     Then we returned to the NOW point and then we walked ahead into the future.  In only a VERY short distance, a river came down from the distant mountains and entered the sea.  River was too too deep to cross or to swim across.  There was a trail going up along the river.
Thus the human race will not have time anymore on the physical earth.  We turn inland to begin our collective climb to the mountain top and to merge with God.
.....childhoods end.  We leave the sea coast behind....Kindergarten is over....


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