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Political Duck, Duck, GOOSE! / Our Fallen Comrade
Ok, so for the past several days, I have been incubating dreams of the upcoming election. MUCH to my disappointment, I've ether gotten blank nothingness (which is really rare and weird for me) or I've been unable to remember my super weird dreams. (Something about Trump dressed as Ronald McDonald and chasing me around in a huge building that kinda reminded me of a twin tower?) *shrugs*

Anyway, after a night of nothingness, I managed to squeeze in a couple of VERY short naps. So this is what I can remember:

In the first dream I was watching a bunch of politicians and important-looking people all sitting around in a circle playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Obama was in the center of the circle looking rather smug, which irritated me a bit. Donald Trump was the one walking around the circle, lightly touching heads saying "" Until he got to Hillary Clinton. And when he got to her, he reared back and slapped her. And I don't mean, like, softly slapped her, or even just slapped her a little hard... what I mean is he pulled his whole arm back and slapped her clean out of the circle. It looked painful! She laid back stunned for just a moment, then got up and stumbled after him looking rather angry and a bit hurt. (Inside and out maybe?) Anyway, I watched Trump run around this huge circle with Hillary gaining up on him, I saw just a few people ahead, someone stick a leg out as if to trip him. I couldn't see who it was, but I'm assuming it was a man because the leg was wearing business pants. And rather nice men's shoes. Super shiny black men's shoes. I was rather amused by this, because quite honestly, I don't care for any of the presidential candidates. I was kinda hoping that Trump would trip on this leg and take Hillary down with him! BUT, unfortunately, I woke up before I got to see what happened.

Anyway, I woke up and laughed a bit before trying again. And this time I dreamt I was watching a couple. There was a young man sitting in a chair watching TV and a woman trying to get his attention. She had taken her shirt off and was in a black pushup bra and red, plaid mini skirt and she crawled into his lap and was pressing her breasts against his face, and he just stood there like a statue. Expressionless. And after a while, the woman just kinda put her head down and looked so sad and disappointed. Like she was about to cry. And the man put his hands on her shoulders and said to her in a sort of sad monotone voice, "It's not because I don't think you are beautiful, it is because the TV is on. It's not because I don't love you, it is because the TV is on." And I thought for a second... "HOLY CRAP! He's a goner! He's dead! He's done for! She's gonna KILL HIM! Let's have a moment of silence for our fallen comrade!" And right after I thought those things, I woke up.
(04-27-2016, 09:48 PM)Elyse Wrote: She's gonna KILL HIM!

I remember seeing this exact sentence somewhere recently, i just cant remember if it was a dream or a dream bot run!!

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