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4/29/16 Disgusting....
Trending: sperm beer sold mary lower liked hopefully teeth congrats ball indeed hood losing up nice fact girlfriend fairy shout under know level impression backpack ride best smaller restless job title pool senior dreams back basketball immediately spear tone around climb
Waning: bird site nose fire exactly hotel moving energy park minutes sun situation clouds calling scary care bar amazing golden meet guide eye heart plan brought lights lots sea gab mon

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bird site nose fire-
Today we have bird and fire, yesterday golden amazing bird.  Is this about a fire bird?   Bird might be an airplane and a crash site where there was a fire and the plane nose dived. That would also go with yesterday's golden amazing bird, if the plane was in flames as it was falling from the sky.
Or the bird references could pertain to "phoenix," which was prominent in runs not that long ago.
LMAO @ Disgusting!

Beer Sperm, Girlfriend, Fairy.... sounds a like a wild frat night!

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