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So , a funny thing happened with CERN today...
So, what do you get when you cross The Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator at Cern, a high voltage transformer and a…weasel?
Yep!  A weasel.

Wait for it…..

Pop Goes the Weasel ….
and down goes the LHC.
I'm waiting for the jokes guys.  I know there are plenty out there.  haha.
"Not a great week for the Large Hadron Collider!" he said.

Not exactly a great week for the weasel, either.
Its nice to see how the balance of the universe will play...
Thanks, TB9, I just commented on CERN in another post earlier this week about how I had always known, somehow, that they will never achieve their intended (and very hidden) goal, and that is to 'break out of this lowest-dimension' and ascend without invitation; comparing them to very poorly equipped burglars trying to break into a maximum security vault with a mere hammer.

This is not the first time they have been 'shut down' for the weirdest things, nor will it be the last. They will not be allowed to reach their intended goal, by the one(s) who built the vault. Leaving is by 'invitation only', and they were NOT invited.

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