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4/30/16 Action-packed dream symbols
Trending: zoo coaster roller football entry realizing journal rose technique designed sword prison cool actual church military murder sense image friday catch date won falls josh listening dream sperm backpack tiny knife double candy perfectly chill spear fri suspicious shortly maybe
Waning: lower understand missed during cat situation aware station days sex guide indeed hotel box intention information thank sold famous blank basketball beer sick card lots teeth restless losing remove hopefully

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

could be lots of day residue too.
for example-
Military, wings,roller coaster, suspicious, listening, catch, falls

Russian barrel roll an Air Force reconnaissance jet-
Football entry realizing could also be day residue since the NFL draft is in progress.
"knife, spear, fight, miltary church murder" oh boy.

"zoo roller coaster" does describe society in this time of so many people ready to go-off in the stress of feeling that something very big and bad is very close to finally happening.

"journal rose technique" refers to fact that many of us are looking at our lives and trying to tell ourselves and others that everything is fine when in fact it is not. We are on the precipice of something really bad and Dreambot has been telling us for no-telling how long, but strongly for weeks.

Note that "backpack' and "knife" are still in runs. Then come "spear" and "fight." "double candy" hunch is that this is saying something about the fighting is very sweet. If good souls are the ones fighting then okay, sorry but this makes sense.


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