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Airport tornado
I don't remember much of the details of this dream.  I do remember it was the second layer of a dream.  I was in a car traveling near or at an airport. The sky was a getting dark ahead and suddenly  appearing about 300 yards ahead of me  was a pair of tornadoes which were twisting around each other.  I thought to myself "again?" I remember thinking there had been a large one not that long before. The tornado was making it's way through some airport buildings. when I woke up.  It was ether an f1 or f2 judging by size.  Damage was occurring but it wasn't devastating at this point.  My husband woke me up with a question after that. I really do not know where this occurred. I had not seen this airport before.
When airports show up in my dreams, it's an indication that something is about to change in my life. Think "transition point" and depending on where I am in the airport indicates what I'm feeling, like am I stuck in the non-moving security line, feeling frustrated and impatient, or am I waiting for my boarding call?

So what do airports represent to you? And that there are dual twisting tornadoes heading towards the airport seems to indicate, to me, that two events are coming that both have equal potential to tear through things.
And that "damage was occurring but not devastating" at that point. What is coming that you might have a chance to avoid?
Oh, great comments ladies. lots to think about!

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