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5/8/16 Traumatic Hiking Lesson
Trending: traumatic hiking lesson trip rainbow circus theater cutting movie thanks train hang layer fill zero conversation today tail fading involved life reading sun lucid song past tonight chair disappointment thai dreams listening dream gathered ticket caused odd treasure worried glowing
Waning: hate sad simple attempt tired fighting eating pushed sand apartment important colors months days round spent remembered princess classroom store void dick april question drill apocalypse ship correctly enjoy fairy

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! There doesn’t appear to be any dreamer infatuation with the ‘mother’ archetype, and that has me worried.  Instead, “Traumatic” hits the top of the list. Not the type of holiday any of us want!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"drill" is with "apocalypse ship" today instead of sounding like a buried treasure event.

"hate sad simple attempt tired fighting" with "sand apartment" soon after sure is a personal sychronicity, but today and yesterday have been peaceful, so no pity party here. Just sayin. (shezam lol)

apocalypse ship-still waiting of this "event "and the bot is thinking about it too I suppose.

hate sad simple attempt tired fighting eating pushed sand apartment important colors months days round spent remembered - sounds like life in Syria or Iraq and colors could be a calling to the colors (military) or how something is "colored" and different from reality.More troups are being sent to Iraq…somewhere. This was announced in April so should be happening now.
Pearl Harbor, the attack early on a Sunday morning came to mind earlier when reading these dreambot runs. We have that one about a "critical sunday" brought it to mind and then part of these new runs or one of them. (I swear! I just glanced the dreambot list and started typing on this one and a TV commercial talked of "apocalypse." The 5/6 run titled Apocalypse in the Sky is the fourth run in the list.) This type of synchronicity is happening more frequently, LOL)

Sorry, that was distracting, from TV. My question is Twice, do you think that this "ship" meme may be a submarine? A professional team of RV'ers have seen another Pearl Harbor "in late spring" they said but not sure what year. "Ship" could easily be dreamed for sub but doesn't prove anything.
Nanny, yes it could be a submarine. It may be a few "ship" events.
Thanks gal. I gotta take time to check dreambot runs for Pearl Harbor/nuke type linguistics.

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