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5/9/16 The Collective Loves the Circus
Trending: potential awhile loves circus healing pet sounded plot exact yes request congrats train rescue forward wood cluster director hey land orb excited living shortly fall sand surreal full super key rope view means wear comments yesterday vision visiting sun album
Waning: shop laying cat path guess childhood without lady ghost voice father site movie lying evil under cutting traumatic wild gun daughter kid worried layer reading rainbow dick zero hang class

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I can see that this is probably a male human form, a la 5' 9''. I could get more into it, but it would be about Me. "Sand" always means if you hear it in Pink Floyd lyrics, any band, or if the lyrics say 'hourglass'...means Issachar. Specifically relating to the second coming/advent....ALWAYS.

It's also giving me the impression of a certain bands lyrics...I'd rather not say, just yet, if ever, but the singer is dead. It's not The Beach Boys, Yes, Train, or the It actually indicates early-90's..."exact" means early-90's. I just know.


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