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Strong Sense of Dream time smells
I have been noticing my sense of smell in dreams is more intense, this morning i remember smelling mint tea leaves, freshly picked. upon waking no minty smell in the house.

The other day i smelled pine trees, yet when i awoke, no pine tree smell in the house.

This is getting a little unsettling and i am not looking forward to the day when i wake up and smell dog poop, especially since we don't own a dog.
LOLLL embrace the mint! oh no, wonder what dreamtime tonight's going to render.
Wow. I would understand the dog poop smell (dog farts can kill), but the mint? I would be totally suspicious! Muhahaha!!!
Both pine and mint have some wonderful healing characteristics. They are also wonderful for the mind. I wonder if you are smelling these herbs in dreamtime to help you heal? Or perhaps to help you remember something experienced during the dream? They are great for clarity.
I have pine and mint close to my house. Want me to send you some?  Tongue Thankfully the mint is in a pot because it is growing crazy fast. And as for the pine tree, well thankfully I don't get tons of pinecones.
Twice, I wonder the same thing.
Julie, no thank you...

This morning it was the smell of wet hay, and the ocean breeze. Odd combination.
Ah, but I immediately thought of horses on the beach. There's a place near where I am where you can do just that.
(05-10-2016, 05:02 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: Ah, but I immediately thought of horses on the beach. There's a place near where I am where you can do just that.

That does make sense, but the dream was about being a womb (pink waiting room) and watching bad things happen in the world from the windows (completely disconnected)
Perhaps not in the context of what a lot of us have been talking about in regards to being thrown back by some disaster into a much simpler time. The bad things in your dream came before the smells on waking. And the smells all seem to have positive connotations. All of us having these dreams see life going on, but in a much different world. Those of us who know about the healing properties of what the earth has to offer would be in a much better position than the rest to survive well.

Maybe you're being led to specific items for a reason.
If the pink room is a safe place, I imagine the ocean and hay smells also bring a sense of safety and calm to you.
Indeed wet hay and ocean breeze can be had on Oahu and the other islands in Hawaii. In fact, dig adding military training sounds to that, LOL.

I gave our older daughter an hour of riding lessons every other week in Hawaii for no more than year. The horse stables were on a military base there. It was so cool to find out we even had them there.

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