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Instead of spiders multiple times, it was mess of Webs last night~
This is not a snippet report but a blankety-blank night's report of short dreams. I would dream a mess of spider webbing in a corner of my very clean bedroom, and awaken. Oh man, but once the glimpse was of a three?? or so year old boy fussing head back a little and something coming-out of and around his mouth.

For starters, I got no solid sleep until after 3:40 am CST, but maybe ten mins or so at a time. Was not worried and wondering if I got some spice or something at the restaurant in very good food, but some mixture that this 'ole bod was kept awake with. ((Anybody else have a really bad night like this and it's not the norm for you??))

I saw webbing hanging above me once at least, and in a corner or two and can't remember where else. Several episodes of this. No wonder I kept waking up, I suppose. Have not had a night like this since last June.

Emotions? concerned at times and praying for each member of the family and a few friends here at NDC.
The last few nights I have been waking multiple, more than normal, times all night. Let us know how you sleep tonight cause I think it will be better for you.
I hope we both get a much finer night's sleep. I do not even know if I slept 20 mins. solid in the first 5hours.
I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I got back to TX. Yet dreaming is picking up.
I couldnt help myself....
Big Grin
WINDY! You would, You little fart, Hahahahaha!! I needed a laugh and got a great one. That chick singing....digging that it says "omen" on her shirt. LOL.....(praying for your daughter and you both, gal. Thanks, love ya)

DLP worse than usual?? aren't you a true nightowl? I am but have been a good girl at least crashing before midnight more often. Dang, crashed at I think 11:02 PM last night and paid for i? Nah, I think this was going to happen anyway. I'm being reprimanded. It was again.

Glad you're back here in this great state. Will you be hanging with us awhile? (asking not out of nosiness but because you posted few months ago that it was time to travel)

Hubby's on the road again. Just called from Tuscaloosa, AL to tell me about the very freaky stormcloud he saw earlier. He awoke and was walking the house not able to get back to sleep around 3:40am.

I hope tonight's a good one. I was a good girl today and "played Susie Homemaker" even with this fatigue.
I am a night owl but when I do go to sleep, I don't sleep well. Yesterday I went to bed around 0330 and woke up, wide awake, at 0700. I'm tired all day but can't sleep. The other day, I went to bed around 0400 and woke up coughing at 0730. Took an antihistamine, went back to bed, and slept straight through until 1600. It felt like I had just fallen asleep. That sort of thing.
Dangit, that's a cross to bear when it's a long-term thing
I had a dream last night about spider webs.... lol damn you nanny!

I am not posting because i know it is day residue from that song....
Bring my sarcastic self here.... Spider, spider web, webs, and more spiders 5/13/2016 8:34am. There you go....that should take care of the bot! LMAO
LOL Windy, but I gotta ask if you had a restful night's sleep and just the residual or did you have the web dream and a crummy night's sleep. Course, either way you know yourself so yours wasn't like mine, a repeated assault, so it felt.

Goldengirl, I didn't know to have you in prayers, too, but do now. Very sorry to hear about it and hope you can off the med soon, and yourself again.
Funny girl, the bot doesn't crawl forum replies Big Grin

Wish I could've had that spidey dream! Would've been excited to post! (Yeah, could be pathetic, but somehow don't think so! I've learned even the shortest of dreams can have massive meaning. Getting off my soapbox now, LMAO too!!!!!)
I did not post the dream because i don't remember it. when i woke up, i said to myself... whoa Nanny's dream and went back to sleep.... therefore i lost the dream entirely.

I had a rough emotional day yesterday, and my shoulder is in a lot of paid, so my sleep was broken up. I did not sleep well at all, but i can contribute it to other things.
Thanks gal, but most of all for sharing about the shoulder.

I'm personally fascinated that last summer it was spiders all night, and now just the webs but in same type of sleep, both. Does this mean I've gotten better in some way? Angel chuckling........
Oh gal, even the best of physicians need one for themselves at times, and the best of professors still learn from others, etc.
I hope you get your dreams back very soon.
GG - sorry to hear about your injury. Is it the left shoulder? I'll pray for it if you want. Angel
Lower back and cervical. Thanks Julie!
Ok, I see now it's Windy with the shoulder issue. I will pray for both of you.

(05-14-2016, 07:59 AM)Goldengirl Wrote: Lower back and cervical. Thanks Julie!
Awoke this morning with a dream that I mostly forgot, but one part I could not forget was one wide, stringly web that was almost on the floor, I think attached to chair. I do know that there was something, some appliance or tool that someone in the dream had told me I didn't need. Then I saw the web and before I awoke I do know I was telling them? or thinking it and about to do so....the gist of "See! I did or I do need the...."whatever the heck it was.

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