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Wallet dream, 5/15/16, am
I woke this morning at 2am wide awake so I stayed up. About 4 hours later I fell asleep watching TV and had the following dream. I am in a café and laid my wallet on a table. I walked away from the table for a few minutes and when I got back my wallet was gone. There was a man at the table next to me that was standing up and putting something in his pocket. I grabbed his arm and he had my wallet. He said, Oh is this yours? He also said, I didn't think it was for anyone and he smiled a guilty smirk. I took my wallet back and left the café. End of Dream. I had only slept for about 20 minutes when I had this dream.

I went about my day and around 5:30 I was with relatives and I asked John to come with me to my house to help me with a little heavy lifting project. On the way home I stopped at a café to pick up something to eat. We went into the café and there was a long line of people waiting to order at the counter. So John and I talked a bit and as we get closer to the counter I reach in my purse to pull out my wallet. My wallet is not in my purse. I instantly remembered the dream and looked at the table that I was standing near and it wasn't there. There were no men around me that looked like the man in my dream. Then I remembered I had taken it out of my purse when I was in the car so it had to be there. I asked John to run out to the car and get my wallet. I prayed it was there because I had not locked the doors of my car. John came back with the wallet and I held on to it and did not let it out of my hands until I got back into the car.

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