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Snow in Florida
I had a funny little dream, in which I was at some kind of fair in Florida. Nice shirtsleeves kind of weather. I was walking around, turned, and realized there was snow on the ground. Quite a lot actually. I thought to myself, geez, I have to take a picture, Eagle is never going to believe this. Then I couldn't get my phone to wake up.

THOUGHTS: at first I thought the phone not working was just one of the usual things in dreams not working, or not working as expected. But now I'm not so sure. An early precursor to the throwback dreams? Electronics have seemed to be the first items to go.
The snow/frozen phone may go together.
Good point Twice! And it went from no snow, to about a foot when I turned around.
Still waiting for the picture so that I can say, "I don't believe it!" Smile
Oh gosh I hope not! Be careful what you wish for Eagle! Big Grin
Well......we are living in the age when the seasons are supposed to be confused or something like that. I forget the exact wording. I wore velour pants and hoodie today. Cool

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