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5/20/2016 11:52am Lesson with my guide "The age of all things".
I am in a yard (side yard) of a business, the yard looks like there used to be a building here but the building was torn down long ago. The yellow grass is being cut down by someone though, and there is a tattered metal fence around the street side opening. half of this lot is paved for cars, but the only thing in this space is a large dumpster which that too looks like it has not been used in a while.

I am sitting behind the dumpster getting some fresh air. It is warm outside and I am enjoying the feeling of the sun on my skin. Break time is over however and I go into the door way of the red brick building/warehouse that is connected to this lot.

There is no longer a door hanging on hinges, and due to the smell no one cares to put one on. There are rows of human encampments. My camp is made of two green and blue folding chairs, and a tent used at soccer games, with three blankets covering three sides of the tent.

The camps are in rows like at a flea market or swap meet. For some reason i go to the camp directly across from my own and there is a guy there, i know him well and i am sitting on his lap as if he is my boyfriend. He though has a girl friend at his camp with him, and i know they are together.

I still do not understand why i was acting like this. I was not given a clue as to the emotions of this event. The guys mother comes out of a hand made tent, which is made from a patio swing, tree branches, and tarps. It is dome shaped and reminds me of a sweat lodge in its style and shape.

I sit down on a bench seat covered in patio cushions across from the dome tent, and i begin to take screws out of some of the patio furniture and i am showing his family how they can best use this new patio swing.

Soon i am tired of sitting here with these people and I wander out to the office buildings, there are people coming and going from the encampment to the office buildings as if they are going to work.

I walk up to one of the building and i go inside of a glass door which leads me directly into an outdoor patio area. There is a small path of cement and the rest is rocks. As I look down the patio i notice that there are several patios but they are divided up by glass doors and windows.

In the first patio is a big black dog. In the second patio is a cat and her kitten and there is something wrong with the kitten. I go over to see what is wrong and the kitten is moving in circles and is meowing like it is in pain.... I can see the dog trying to dig under the glass and i think the dog has bit and hurt the kitten.

Some guy walks up to me and we are talking and i start to follow him over the inside of the building and we all cram into the elevators. The guy begins to kiss me in the elevator. I find myself acting with this guy like i did with the guy in the warehouse. I still have no idea why, none of these guys are my boyfriends. The guy asks me if I want a job, if that is why i am here.

I tell him No i was just bored over at the camp, and needed to get out for a bit. We all get out of the elevator and i see my reflection in the glass to the business he is going into, and from the side I am a very heavy girl. Yet all of the time i was in this body, really believed i was skinny and the hot girl. This delusion shakes me to the core and i step back away from the guys.

The guys all begin to argue and soon a fight has broken out in front of the business with glass doors and one of the guys has grabbed the other and they are shoving each other down the hall away from the glass doors.

I turn to walk away and out of no where there is a child of about 10 years of age standing behind me. He is looking down at the floor and something about this boy is not right. He is wearing a red plaid shirt, long sleeve and a pair of blue coveralls. He does not look like these clothes belong to him. They don't fit him. His skin is a silky white, flawless like a babies skin.

I ask him "Are you lost?" He does not answer.
so I ask him "What is your name?" Still no answer.
But he slowly starts to move his head to look up at me. I make eye contact with the boy and that is when i realize he is not human. His eyes are black as night. As I am staring into his eyes I feel and see myself falling into a giant black sink hole. It has dirt for walls, and the light above me from the opening of the sink hole is getting smaller and smaller, I feel a horrible sense of dread, dread gives way to terror and soon i am in a full blown panic!

I begin to fight my falling into the abyss, to find i am still standing in front of this boy. I take a step back away from him, and as if the air had opened up a man steps up behind the boy. This man just stepped into existence and now i am really freaking out.

I try but can not make my feet move to run away. The man behind the boy also has all black eyes, and his clothes too look out of place. His skin is also milky white and smooth, as if his body was just created in a lab. I can feel something sinister about this man and the boy. Yet I can not place it. I hear the man speak to me in my mind. He says "We are the children of the darkness".

((Ding)) the elevator door dings and opens, i start to move back toward the elevator with all of my might. I feel like i am moving in slow motion. The boy opens his mouth now and says "Invite us in, we want to ride with you" just as I am stepping into the elevator. Panic at the boys voice which is completely unnatural to the child standing in front of me, i begin to push all of the buttons at once.

((Ding)) The elevator door closes and I am standing their holding my chest. My heart is racing and I can hear my heart beating in my ears as the blood rushes to my brain.

I yell out loud. WHO OR WHAT WERE THEY. ((Ding)) the elevator door opens and my guide is standing their in the door way. His face looks like a damaged doll from fire, it is cracked and I can see an Angelic white light coming from the cracks in his face.

My guides appearance begins to crumble away, and like ashes they drop to the floor. He is now standing before me in his true likeness, a being of light and he says to me. You could call them demons. Tell your people to remember their bed time story's of old, their legends and myths of vampires, and monsters. It is in your story's of old that you will find the information you need to fight them. Hold tight to your faith and do not falter.

Seeing my guide made me realize I was dreaming and so i asked him, does this dream have to do with the comment i posted to someone else's dream recently?

My Guide replied: "No, this is the age of all things" My guide waved his hands and now I can see everything like a negative of a photograph, we waves his hand as a beckoning for me to follow him, so i do.

We walk over to the window, and outside by the kitten I can see a little troll like being hurting the kitten and the dog trying to crawl under to save the kitten from the torture it is enduring.

My guide points up to the sky and I can see another planet in our sky. My guide waves his hand again and now i am seeing everything as if there is a black light on, but everything you cant see when the lights are off instead of glowing white is glowing red. I can see the black eyed people walking all around us. I look up into the sky and I can see flying gargoyles or dragons!

I turn to my guides and i asked what this means. He says "this is not a planet alignment, this is a multiverse alignment, and when it happens things can walk into and out of your world much easier, some good and many not so good.

I woke up from this wind walk by my daughter opening my bedroom door, to make sure i got my package that was just delivered! I looked at my daughter, breathing heavy, and i kept asking WHAT, WHAT, in a panicked voice.
Your guide is back? Or just back for this dream?

Which is very interesting. Poor kitten(No, that's not all I took away from the entire dream but I'm a cat person).
(05-20-2016, 03:20 PM)DLP Wrote: Your guide is back? Or just back for this dream?

Which is very interesting. Poor kitten(No, that's not all I took away from the entire dream but I'm a cat person).

I didn't get the chance to ask if he was back for good... I hope that is the first question I ask the next time i see him.

I love all animals, but i am especially connected to cats and horses.
What a "loud" dream! He returned with a vengeance but it's not pointed at you. Big Message and just as ominous.
Seems like we're running a series of dreams having to do with people that aren't what they seem to be. Demons, aliens, what have you, but disguised as humans or, in the case of Elyse's dream, killer kittens.

Whether or not your guide is back permanently, I was struck by how he appeared to you, in his true form. It was like he wanted you to understand the seriousness of what you were seeing and experiencing.

There's also the aspect of something having happened that causes people to form encampments as opposed to living in houses.
I am noticing that he shows up when I'm in a state of Distress

The encampments are really reminded me of like the Google campus to where everybody shared everything that was for work environment open office spaces no cubicles and the housing situation was the same it was like this new concept of living arrangements.

Who is "your people"? The NDC, Humans in general?
Multiverse alignment?
(05-20-2016, 05:40 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Who is "your people"? The NDC, Humans in general?

I think i am missing something here.... were you quoting me? if so can you show me the paragraph so i can answer your question?

If you mean: Tell your people to remember their bed time story's of old, their legends and myths of vampires, and monsters. It is in your story's of old that you will find the information you need to fight them. Hold tight to your faith and do not falter.

I believe he was speaking to the human race.

(05-20-2016, 09:53 PM)Native American Dream Weaver Wrote: Tell your people to remember their bed time story's of old, their legends and myths of vampires, and monsters. It is in your story's of old that you will find the information you need to fight them. Hold tight to your faith and do not falter.

I also remember seeing a mental picture in my head of a silver bullet, and don't take food from creatures/people in the woods (Hansel and Gretel like) Never invite strangers into your home/car. etc... etc...
You answered my question, human race is what your guide meant. Thanks!
Windy this all reminds me of the Black-Eyed Kids meme that has been rolling around the Internet. The "stories" all include elements just like in your dream. The completely black eyes, the out of place clothing, the insistence on being "invited in", almost like that's needed for them to advance. The people who see them are consumed by fear just by the presence of these beings, and their eyes are what seal the deal for these poor people that this is a being not from our world. Also, the kids don't act like kids at all. There have been reports more recently of older kids accompanying the younger ones, and a few of black-eyed adults.

Doesn't surprise me that we are being put on guard by your guide.

(Bothers me about the kitten, didn't believe it was the dog for one second. My cats and dogs all get along like one big happy pack. There is a horse on the property behind me that comes running when he hears my voice. I love all animals, couldn't make me choose if I tried! Big Grin)
Thankyou for sharing this dream. It seems to have layers, very rich symbolically. Also brings to mind the Legend of the Blue Kachina.
March 2020... I find this old dream in the data base. It’s interesting to note the human encampments and how this seems to be the new norm. Especially since the Novel Corona Virus is spreading throughout countries and quarantine camps are being activated to try to contain the infected. Also I find that the spectrum of light and revelation of beings including dragons mucking about and mention of a multi verse alignment having taken place. Wisdom of the elders, or the old ones coming into play with regard to response to the not so good...coupled with today’s virus taking a toll on the elders. There was a time the elders were loved and held in high esteem for their knowledge and wisdom were priceless and valuable.

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