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How do I figure out my spirit animal?
All kidding aside (although I thoroughly identify with kitty on the couch all sacked out!), how does one go about determining what your personal spirit animal is?

I'm sure there are lots of us who would appreciate the answer, and I know there are members who know how!

Gracious thanks in advance!!! Big Grin
I've never tried to figure it out. They have always come to me when I needed them depending on what the need was. I have had turtle, wolf and crow the most.
You can ask to meet your animal in dreamtime or can journey to meet it. If you've never journeyed before, I suggest reading Sandra Ingerman. She has several books on journeying and some come with drumming cds.

I enjoy journeying. Never know what's going to happen or who might appear. Journeying is always an adventure.

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