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Prediction Recurring dream since May 15th
CNN like news flash only silver coloured, odd looking graphic. I cannot make it out. Not sure what it is about. I also see fields of tanks, moving very quickly for tanks. Odd looking tanks maybe Russian? Maybe German? Not American. Related stories of what look like mining activity or strikes at mines? Also had visits to dream lodge [as I call it now]. Black dark surroundings. Voice says " in for a penny in for a pound, does not matter, it will be like a ton? prosper well or die". The last bit had to be the most ominous yet. Other bits and pieces with strange similar tone. Shiny Black mirrored curtain waving in the back. The curtain is translucent, silvery kinda glass like in one dream, can see zombie like men in suits, look like bankers,"in for a penny in for a pound" =now like a ton= "Death be not proud, we prosper not" one of the things they appear to say, they also appear to be wearing black and gold veils Very uncertain what it all means. One CNN or Fox like story shows rotating bar of gold exploding ? with a silver lightning streak hitting it. Very odd. 
I have been listing my dreams here  Face Book Group      Wink

Trump West Ticket?  Seen these two in a few dreams lately   Details have been sketchy  Trump West
Revelations 6:5 !! OMGosh.....your dream personifies part of it, you'll see!

HUGE welcome to NDC and just as large of thanks for your jumping in to report this. Please continue and feel welcome posting in any of our public threads. No shyness needed here and we have no turf wars, don't have to tiptoe.
This Grand Experiment flourishes with all of us contributing and the future is truly foretold in dreams reported here daily. Also, the dreambot-runs.
Hi there psmeall- welcome aboard.
Part of your dream gave me a BFO.
Shout out to team!
"can see zombie like men in suits, look like bankers,"in for a penny in for a pound"

is it possible dreamteam masters-
that the 'symbol' of zombie everyone's been dreaming lately
could be the brain's way of interpreting

drum roll.....

financial blogs all over have been posting about the new 'blockchain' tecnology that is
screaming down the track with a potential global reset and banks
are ridding themselves of the overhead -employees and buildings- in favor of tech.

What people will find when walking into the new bank will be kiosks, no more tellers and one
robot (A I ) taking care of any transactions the kiosk cannot.
cyborg= new human 2 specie.
transhuman specie 2= implants, half human half A zombie.

thinking out loud here.
Ok that's interesting. I detected a certain distancing between myself and the Banker Beings. Like they wanted to be seen but unseen. Distant as possible.

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