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5/25/16 Blood Pressure is Excellent
Trending: pressure excellent checked insert frustrated blood ending links forget indeed awesome booth wrapped birth scary title odyssey notified wrapping generic hours test wine icon leaving fat invisible bank apple seemingly aisle named tab saved tanks alt owl epic dean pick
Waning: around car kiss school ended lady asking brother focus care there yes running think apartment room over were stove bus one down phone dream back trump class up days view

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"Odyssey" is the influx/invasion of illegals, yes? What are "wrapped" and "wrapping?"

" pressure excellent checked insert frustrated blood" I think this is botspeak telling us that someone is going to orchestrate "frustration" since another group is too calm with "blood presure excellent."
Bible says "when they say peace, peace, sudden destruction comes." Someone's going to provoke or attack a group that's not expecting it.They want them upset and thrown off-balance. (Easier to take control amidst chaos.)

"fat invisible bank" want to look at this again.

Adding this "trump" phrase to that run with them listed.
icon leaving fat invisible bank apple- Is this about Apple Pay?

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