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6/1/16 A Habit of Failure
Trending: june months habit fail obvious neighbor class putting lucid fat asking structure down agree dream tired definitely view good frustrated seats seemingly trail professor president taste expression taylor steep odd
Waning: stare missed shrine reading love dying wish fri trade gab booth sick funny blank happen dorm labor arrested thanks huh

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Welcome to June. I’m wondering what the collective habitually fails at. Taylor is lower on the run, and be aware of STRUCTURE DOWN. The bot run adds the word AGREE to the end of that phrase….Structure Down Agree. Reminds me of 9/11 in that the buildings were agreed upon to be brought down.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

and just an additional thought - June Months should refer to the summer time period. Habit Fail Obvious What is the collective going to fail at this summer that's an obvious one?

Frustrated seats seemingly trail professor president - Is this a reference to the elections and Democrats following the professor president out of a position of power? And are the seats frustrated with their candidates?

Agreed Dream Tired Definitely View Good - Is this a reference to the botruns being short and truncated lately? And us being told to assign some importance to it? We need to look over what we do have very carefully, look them over real good.
trade gab booth sick - another day of linking trade with booths this time sick instead of empty.
dorm labor arrested- together again
"neighbor class" is a neighboring nation?? Mexico? perhaps.

Dangit, to see "months" near top of list and having dream snippet from last night about the calendar but no message from it. ('cept I do remember sensing that the months went backwards once, whatever that meant in the dream)

"asking structure down agree dream tired definitely" well structure isn't fence since we don't have one to the south, or.....since we have a joke-of-fencing, this is oh shoot, perhaps.....which one of the powerful spoke of no-borders very recently?? need to find it. Anyway, our citizenry has yelled for a true fence for decades, well that is one "tired dream." This 'housing request" is likely about illegals pouring in again. Hence this hunch.

"view good frustrated seats" great metaphor-speak for "we see clearly" the influx problem and fiscal abuse of those coming over the "structure" getting *more* funds than many in our own "class." "frustrated seats" yes from where we are "viewing" we are "frustrated" and dreambot confirmed this in recent run.

"seemingly trail professor president" well, "barry" did teach at a university in the past. He *reportedly has one close, "professor" friend that's *reportedly been a big influence on his beliefs/policies. (Ayers? Ayres? Bill?)

Is "taylor" a play on the word "royalty?" I'm open but not getting it resonating. It's haunting us so hoping to realize it soon, if so.

"view" & "stare" both here.

LOL "missed shrine" then "love dying." Heck yeah, when mama doesn't get worshipped, having a "shrine" she/it misses it, and "love dying" is of course mama's "love."

Aha, "trade gab booth" still with us indicating there is some type of VIP powwow/G20 or whatever... coming about the economic crash. (Do we have hopes that the 90% rule will bless us here? that whatever happens per last few runs will only be 10% as bad as it sounds?! HOPE, pray so especially this time.)

"dorm labor arrested" wow, this part is insistently staying with us.

Goldengirl, thank you for mentioning the election with this, "Frustrated seats seemingly trail professor president." This, too resonates loudly....

"frustrated seats" maybe congressional or electoral college mention?? does that resonate with ya? "trail professor president" perhaps this means they "trail" losing the election from their standpoint. Mayyybe?? this is clue that as often, the winner of election will be against what most wanted? Dunno....just in case, suggesting.

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