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6/3/16 Strife in Heaven
Trending: strife leg heaven amazed corn angel flower loss rat mall represent brain keys late june hospital growing yeah thank rooms energy picture gab parts towards did alien dog ring took
Waning: office kitchen certain taylor practice remove months hotel married kill sat advice nearly changing arrested labor difficult seemingly attempt eaten

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Dreambot appears to have pun skills this morning. Amazed Corn…..or A-maize-ed Corn.....ah hahahaha!  Is there Strife in Heaven and among the Angels about the Amazing Corn? Sounds about like the weird dream I woke up to this morning, although it involved neither corn nor heaven.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Though most consider angels in heaven there are also aliens out there too.
War of Light really is taking place yet one will not see this in headlines, only in dreams and of course- plane crashes etc.
Unless a satellite or Hubble goes dark.
taylor still in the waning, hmmmm
"leg" brought cliche "leg-up" to mind. Is that because I believe in help from Heaven so strongly?

There is a brilliantly-blue flower called the cornflower. Is there a "corn angel?" Are the Lost books of Bible correct that there's an angel of the snow-house like an angel of the winds/four corners of the earth, etc?? "amazed corn angel" is funny, literally repetitive, cute bot.
Sometimes bot gives a sequence of words and we ignore just one word in that sequence, some posters drawing a line through one word or leaving the word out.
"Angel" left out is "corn flower loss." Bot messing with us? lol nuttin's coinkydink so what's this run saying? ("strife" in "heaven" is no surprise.)

"late june hospital growing yeah thank rooms" hope not. Or a headline of famous hospital expanding or controversy over said expansion?

Still amazed that dreamers are reporting the word "taylor" in their dreams yet can't personally find dreams online with this word. Bot doing this to us?? If so, yeah it's still vital and matters. Afterall, we found out today just how sharp of sense of humor bot has, so....I'm tieing this to the word "taylor."

"arrested labor difficult" yeah, riots, anyone?

heaven amazed corn angel flower loss
This seems to be day residue about the Blue Angels crash and pilot death.

labor arrested-finally an answer to this repeated phrase.
Drudge report headline- no strife that was seen.
footage of a UFO by International Space Station.

couple this with TB9 reporting the
Blue Angel crash and BTW there was another air force jet crash the same day- TWO (2) crashes in the heavens in one day...
after it did a fly by for the USAF Academy graduation replete with Obama in the audience.
pilot survived. Was that in the CORN fields of eastern CO and western OK/Kansas? maybe

wassup with that Eagle1 isn't that unusual?
radio interference, jamming, poor mechanics or flying skill?
Its a lot of taxpayer dollars going down, not to mention lives.
The plane crashes and the meteor feel like a call to look up even more than usual.
Monday may bring more strife in the heavens as well as Heaven. Rumors of the dark side planning to party down on 6/6/16.
"strife, corn, amazed (maize in this news report, as well as "corn.") loss, represent, gab, took, office, represent, attempt" all clearly are part of this news report.

A very significant Indian site is being looted and the issue has united several tribes, some of which have not gotten along until now. BLM and Fed. govt. are in the mix.
it is officially 6/6/---6 all day today.
the world is still here and aside from some disappointed probable mind altered concert goers disrupting
NYC and other things like revolution in France, biblical flooding in /Australia now
seems like everything is 'new' normal eh?
I was perusing the back rooms to make sure all is ok on that end
and something caught my eye.
I went to the post
saw how ancient it was (2010) and was amazed
that it spoke to the very 'energy' relevant to the Inner Sense I've been receiving
that it is time to get out of the Bay area NOW! That includes the concerts I've been picnicking
at recently. Californians (Bay area?) seem to love to party and concert at least twice a week here.
Replete with extra celestial orbs... coming to a reality theater near you soon.
Look up
you may get a surprise.

Even feds are entertaining a settlement on the one moon we have.

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