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Here are some of the recent dreamt phrases which may be pointing to an issue with oil or gas.
Feel free to add any other useful information or thoughts.

trade booth huh containers blank practice hours stare today mind road tar show shadow sea meditation
energy picture gab parts towards
complicated butt strife riding tar animals
maintenance fuel captivity rope lines hunt gas deck
serious african search energy horse
Now "gab" is making sense. I was thinking it will be another "g20" type of meeting of multiple nations. Saudi Arabia did speak for OPEC recently. But sounds like another "gab" of great consequence is coming.

This will perhaps be about the ending of the Petrodollar in an Official and detrimental manner to our nation. Maybe the "gab" about Petrodollar is going to bring our dollar down and that of course will make it difficult for us to buy the exact thing that caused our inability, talk about circular attack!

"tar animals" brings an oil spill to mind. Maybe that one is too obvious and it's totally metaphoric, and not about the type of animals it could be. Just pondering aloud on this part of it. I sure don't know.


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