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Storm, trees and Hallowe'en party
Set an intention last night: What next?

I dreamt that I was in a house that was in an area very like where I live - field behind me with grass that is mowed and trees and theres a small hill directly behind us that rises up to the field. In my dream it was a sunny day and I looked and saw that a big tree we had (in the dream, not in real life) was damaged. I saw a man come up to the tree and start cutting it down.

There had been a big storm (like the hurricane we had 2 years ago in rl) and there was a notice saying they were going to be cutting down damaged trees. While I watch that my spouse asks for the membership card for a club we belong to because he needed to go there, I tell him it's in my purse.

The man finished cutting down the tree then knocked on my door. I opened the door and my big black lab rushed out to the man. My daughter (dream daughter not rl, looked to be about 12) ran out, apologized to the man and grabbed the dog and brought him back inside. The man was fine with it. He told me not to worry about losing the old tree, they would be providing us with a new one to replace it.

Later, I'm walking up a hill path to the club (I'm thinking it is like a ski hill membership club that holds events all year round) with my two dream children. There's the daughter aged about 12 and my son aged about 8 and we're dressed up in costumes for a Hallowe'en event and party. The kids are all excited and then it dawns on me: did I get the membership card back from my spouse? I tell the kids to hold up, I need to see if I can find my card. People are passing us by while I search through my purse, trying to find it. I wonder if maybe I can tell the people at the front checking cards that I left it at home and could they check the members roster? I tell the kids that if I can't find the card and they don't let us in we'll have to go home - there's no time to go home and come back with it and still be part of the events.

I wake up.
A new tree of life is coming which will bring fruit. Dont worry about the past. You will know them by their fruit. So some sort of abundance is coming to manage and you need a card to become part of the team. That means you recognize and talk with above. Fix what needs to be fixed.
We have been getting overlaps with theme of Halloween in dreams and dreamt runs.
Also storms/hurricanes/floods.


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