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Midday Dreams of Dates and Explanations
Very tired, I laid down after morning coffee – just had no energy today at all. What I thought would be a nap, turned into sleeping another 7-hours! As I had laid down, the nagging feeling of mystical numbers and dates bothered me, but I tried not to focus on any certain thing, only wanting to rest.

I seemed to immediately enter into dreaming, as what happened seemed to last throughout my sleep time.

It was like a constant slowly-rolling ledger of dates, simply written, with explanations beneath some. Some are past, some are obvious, and yet others had no clear meaning.

October 9, 2009 + 1260 = March 22, 2013
{this was blacked out, like redaction, so I do not know its real meaning still}

December 22, 2012 + 1290 = July 4, 2016
First day after Mayan Baktun end to US End

September 9, 2009 + 2550 = September 20, 2016
Start to end of final seven years (1260 + 1290)
This is what you know as ‘Tribulation’
{other than a date of '9/9/09', I don't know the justification for that start date}

March 22, 2013 + 1290 = September 21, 2016
From the Abomination to the Completion

322 is number of Skull and Bones (March 22)
They don't fully understand what its significance is

MABUS is 'Meso-American Baktun about the U.S.'
Nostradamus saw it as a ‘calendar container or bucket’
He was not given to understand it to be the span-of-time that it is
{referencing C2, Q62}

MABUS spans a period of 1290 days, and when it ends,
sudden death comes, but not all at once, more as a
sword through the heart as life ebbs away

When I awoke, I felt like I was 'torn away' from asking more questions, as more answers were desired to be given' {like being drug away in the middle of a conversation}

The last word I heard, though I have no idea how it ties to any of this, was 'mycotoxin'.
{I mean, I don't think I have black mold around here...mice die of dehydration where I live, I don't see black-mold making it, although I think I'll go check the swamper AC now that this came up}

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