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David Crosby and Stevie Wonder
This was kinda interesting. I don’t remember all of the dream.
I was trying to find David Crosby from Crosby Still and Nash. I needed him to help with a fundraising concert, similar to the No Nukes Concert from ’79. We ended up traveling in a car together I was trying to make the connection to him that we interacted during one of the No Nukes concerts at the Hollywood Bowl and that it was time to do another concert. He was quiet, wore sunglasses and dark colors. He didn’t say much but did listen.
Next I was looking for Stevie Wonder. I was trying to tell him the same thing, except this time I was I told him he was needed to do another concert like the Peace Sunday Concert at the Rose Bowl in 1981. When I was with him, he had a dog, sorta like a cross between a boston terrier and a bull dog. The dog was attached to a sled and was able to pull Stevie Wonder through both snow and in water like a lake or pool. Stevie Wonder also listened to what I was telling him. My dream ended.

I don’t know if there was an agreement with either of them to perform but they were not opposed.
I attended 2 No Nukes Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl ( ’79-80) and the Peace Sunday Concert at the Rose Bowl (’81). Crosby performed at all three and Wonder performed at the latter. I visited back stage at the No Nukes concerts as our family business donated a large amount of food for everyone back stage. We did the same for the Peace Sunday concert but we only watched from the audience. These concerts were the forerunners for Farm Aid and Live Aid. I never met either performer in real life however.
In my opinion, this dream might be a foreshadowing of a large benefit concert or a cause/protest concert. It might have to do with a political issue (both of those concerts were political in nature) or for a fundraiser for something like the Orlando shootings. In the past when I have dreamt about someone I don't know, they often make news headlines or if I know the person, we will often end up interacting shortly after the dream.
It is interesting to note it is yet another celebrity dream.
What would look like a cross between a Boston terrier and a bulldog is what's known as a French bulldog. Wonder if there's a France connection.

Well, maybe. He did look a lot like that actually.
Big overlap with DLP. I would say something is on the horizon regarding a big concert with multiple famous musicians.
Wow, I read this article, and I'm not so sure on Crosby no more (and I liked CSN in-the-day, too).

By reading this, I don't think Crosby will be doing any major concert runs anytime soon, though.
another musician dream...David Cassidy...who is still actively performing in concerts:
Thanks for the reminder Iris. I thought there was another recent musician but didn't remember who.

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