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American prison in another land
I was at work, in an office building, although I did not see many people at the time. I was dressed casually, wearing an old blue fleece jacket and work gloves, which seemed odd attire for an office job. I worked very long days, I believe testing software. There was even a bed in the office; I was working that many hours, including the weekend.

Then 2 business attired people arrived, a man and an older woman. I did not know who they were or if they were there to see me or someone else. Neither engaged with me at the time. I wasn't particularly busy yet; I was mentally preparing for my day and week ahead.

The man, perhaps in his 30's, seemed a bit nervous. The woman, in a buttoned pale skirted suit, was in her 50's or 60's, a bit overweight, with curly graying hair about chin length and a soft fleshy face. She seemed brusque and laser focused. She also had on gloves, but no coat. She sat down at a table, carefully removed her gloves (no coat) and proceeded to retrieve paperwork from her leather briefcase. All this time she never looked up from her hands and the paperwork.

Then the male looked at me and introduced the woman; I believe her name was Helen. Helen finally looked at me. I took my gloves off to shake her hand. She asked a couple questions, although I do not recall what these were. Neither were friendly. I believe they were from the legal department (of the company I worked for? or somewhere else?). My mind was racing, trying to figure out what they were concerned about and what I might have done. All I could think of was that they were questioning the hours I worked, and that perhaps I had over-billed the client. Yet I was scrupulously honest and did not think I had done anything wrong. After all, I was working so many hours I often slept there.

After they left, I puttered about the office. The twin bed I had was being replaced with a queen bed. I contemplated putting a new queen mattress pad on the bed.

Then suddenly I was sitting outside on a sunny day, and I seemed to be in the countryside. A group of small boars came running up, small animals maybe 30 pounds each, light colored, with tusks. An enormous black dog was chasing or herding them, and as they approached, the dog herded them away from me. Then the dog came over. This dog was unlike any I've seen before, perhaps 130 pounds, with fur that was extremely thick and seemed wavy but on closer inspection the fur was in more of a crisscross pattern. The dog's face was a bit narrow and didn't seem to be in the correct proportion to his body.
A person appeared and said not to worry, the dog was friendly, then the dog ran off after the boar.

I got up and walked a bit, seemed to be in a very small town with cobblestone streets. I greeted another along the way and he/she asked how my day was going. I replied great although I felt like I was in another country. A man walked by and heard what I said and muttered "well no doubt, I've got to get the prison ready". I recoiled in shock, and had the understanding that I had been moved to another country that was being used to imprison Americans. Everyone at that location was American, both workers and prisoners. The entire area was a prison, although there were no prison walls or cells, as there was no way to escape. Perhaps it was an island, but I did not see an ocean; just seemed to be an isolated countryside. I did not see many people, it was as though I was one of the first to arrive.

Boar looked like this:

Dog: the size and the build of this breed, which I've never heard of before. However, the face was thin, and not covered in long fur. And the fur was in a crisscross pattern. Interesting to note that this breed of dog, black Russian terrier, was originally a Russian working dog used to protect military installations.
The new world order taking effect. Back in egypt since were in the beginning of time these laws were in place. So why dont you read them and ask yourself how your doing. let the people asend into the heaven without all these negative aspects floating around for the next 50 years. Its a short window of time for those getting into heaven. for america/canada that means get out. 350 million people and theres always the 1% that ruin it for everyone. I call them light takers. In that time you were told to leave.
Thanks, Big Dog, I checked out that web site and the Ancient Egyptian commandments were definitely more detailed and specific.
It's about heaven and ascension. There are two paths. Jesus had only two commandments. Love thy father with all thy heart and all your soul and love thy neighboor as yourself. These commandments are for everyone else. Mind body and soul. These laws resonate with the cosmic laws in the universe. Law of attraction. Etc.. in short form. I never new rape was a sin but it makes sense since god in the beginning was male and female. That's why that law was written. The divine female aspect of god was recognized.

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