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Odd dream about arranged marriage, Chinese soup, and military drafting
This morning I had a convoluted dream involving arranged marriage, a supposedly healthful Chinese soup, and military drafting. 

In the first part of the dream, I was walking around in a high-school setting when a billboard that was hung on a wall displayed my status as "married". I'm single, so I was puzzled. Then, somehow, it was revealed that I was arranged-married to a girl I have never seen before.

After that, I appeared in a restaurant setting that morphed into a large shower. In front of me was a hot pot of soup. It looked like chicken soup, but it was more golden and viscous. A TV-style advertisement interrupted my first person view. It told me that the soup was a healthful Chinese soup concoction involving herbs and ginseng. The view returned into first-person, and I drank the soup. It tasted like chicken soup, but sweeter.

Finally, near the end of the dream, people were being drafted for war. My view was replaced by a perspective-skewed view of a digital spreadsheet. I was supposed to sign up for conscription. I tried to write "conscientious objector", but my view was then replaced by a still image of war protesters. It was mainly red in tone. Then, I woke up.
Welcome Leugen9001! Thanks for posting your dream with us. You sure had an interesting mix of happenings in the different dreams. The soup sounded delicious by the way. I hope you enjoy our site .

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