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Dreams of Dogs
Mostly what I remember is yet again a traveling dream. Lots of people on the streets, in this case I was in a neighborhood more like a Chicago suburb, northern style houses. There were a lot of dogs on the streets, as if people had let them go rather than try and keep them. I was noticing a lot of pitbulls, and went to find my two golden retrievers, as they don't have a mean bone in their furry bodies, and would be defenseless if attacked.

I find my BF, and he has the dogs. But he keeps arguing with me about their safety, and insists he is going out on a walk with them. I have to resign myself to the fact that I have no control, and I stay behind.
Why is everyone drawing of dogs and puppies lately? (everyone meaning the collective who make up our dreambot runs, not our actual members).
I thought the same thing Twice. It bothers me because having a pet is such a marker of civilization. And all the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic dreams show civilization breaking down. Let's hope Eagle's 10% severity rule holds out, and things won't get so bad.

I was listening to a Coast interview with Paul Selig (?) on the way home and he channels guides. His guides say we still have a chance to rise to the next level, but the world is obviously in dire straits. But his guides wouldn't even be here if we didn't have a chance.
The dog in the sky is Sirius. Now I'm starting to sound like Big Dog. Oh my, an accidental pun. Smile
Sirius B? Hadn't thought of that one. Interesting.
Who loves you baby. Lol.
I saw this title and started hearing the song "Who Let the Dogs Out." At first I thought someone was being funny. Now, after reading the dream, I don't think the someone was being funny at all.

Who releases the dogs of war?

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