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6/25/16 Stormy Massacre
Trending: massacre stormy children encounter picking character odyssey experiencing drama hoodie wow taylor creek soon fri touching chase house sister detail need paralysis morning weapon outdoors maybe
Waning: driveway gotten sound main forgot boss sorry days eating dreamed alone nap frozen wanting gone underground cake today futuristic sailing

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Personally, I’m getting tired of massacres. I’m ready for something new.  I’m getting an alien vibe with words such as encounter, odyssey, chase, and paralysis. By the way, our list is shorter than normal because the collective is in a standard cyclic lull.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Water meme
STORMY CHILDREN - Age of Aquarius, Indigo Children
CREEK SOON - whatever is going to happen, we keep getting July

Boat meme, but is this boat, or more of the Age of Aquarius? There's more than one way to journey.... Big Grin
massacre stormy
children encounter picking character odyssey experiencing drama hoodie
Taylor Creek soon
touching, chase house sister
detail need: paralysis; morning, weapon, outdoors, maybe

What? Where? When?

Supporting dreams:
The third dream:
Part of this meme reminds me of a Hurricane.  
There is a Taylor County in Florida as well as a Taylor Creek.
There have been many runs and dreams pertaining to children of late as Sherriann has pointed out.  
Odyssey has referred to the European migrant crisis in the past.  Stormy weather relating to migrant crossings would not bode well for children.
Well the latest massacre is the Sacramanto stabbing at a neo-nazi rally this past sunday, multiple people stabbed. but, I'm not sure that's really a match at all. It doesn't feel like it. I think it's for something still coming further out.
Uh oh, Shadewolf, time to also start regulating knives. Spoons and forks will be next! Smile
Stay out of my kitchen!!! *L*

Up to 28 dead in the Istanbul attacks.
massacre stormy children encounter
126 DEAD, 25 are children in Bagdad

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