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Hightened Security Checks for muslims, 6/25/16, am
Dream was long like I was traveling. This is the part of the dream I remember the clearest. I am watching a line of muslim families. They have luggage like they are traveling on vacation. Feels like an airport security check area. The muslim people are standing in a separate line from non-muslim people. The line is moving slow because they are being searched and scanned more than the non-muslim people. One man is very upset that his little boy will be scanned. He believes that if his son is scanned it will destroy his ability to have children later in life.

I am standing there listening and think, how ignorant can this person be? My next thought was that this person was just scared and frustrated, not ignorant. Even though I felt sorry for the people having to go through this, I knew it was necessary.
End of Dream
I wonder if this portraying the fears of the many Muslim families with ties to Britain and other European cities now that Brexit has passed? It may become more difficult for them to enter Great Britain.
TB - Yes, maybe that is what I was seeing.

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