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Frantically Trying to Serve People in a Restaurant
This dream began with me in an office trying to make sense out of confusing paperwork. At some point I realized I was in a restaurant and my coworkers were either unable to help or absent. There were many tables, but initially only a few were occupied. I began searching for food, but was unable to find anything put together. It all required a lot of preparation. I decided I would take drink orders. When I returned to the tables area, they were now all filled with people. It was very loud. I went to one table with a family with small children and began talking with them and letting them know all I could give them was water. As I'm telling them this other tables begin getting impatient and being rude. I hurry to the back of the restaurant and being looking for glasses to serve the water in. I'm trying to find glasses that match, but realize that is impossible. As I'm filling the glasses with water, people are gathering around me questioning why I'm using dangerous tap water and just being impatient and intimidating. I begin to frantically search for bottled or filtered water. I'm feeling overwhelmed and sorry for myself when a man appears beside me and says he will be sympathetic and helpful, but oberservant. The dream ends with me wondering what his true intentions are, but thankful someone was trying to understand my delemma.

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