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Multiple Dreams, Friends, Oil, Slavic. 6/28/16, am
Multiple dreams from last night.

1. I am visiting 2 friends that I have not seen in real life for 10+ years. I am surprised to see them living together in a small apartment. What I last knew about them, they had separated and were living in different states.

2. This dream was a little strange so I will post what I remember. I look around and see I am in a two story white stone office building. I am on the side of the building that has a 2nd floor balcony that is the length of the building. There are 2 wide staircases that run from the ground to the 2nd floor. Under the balcony is an open air pavilion walkway.  I am standing on the 2nd floor thinking about all the people that were living here. We are all survivors from some event, not sure what happened.

I look straight ahead and see construction equipment like what is used to pave streets. I hear someone say, we will get started soon on the new road. Then I see more road construction equipment being driven into our area. I said, who is that? Another person said, they are the people that have  been living at the Johnson Space Center. If we let them pave the way, they will want us to join with them. Then I see them pour a black thick liquid on the ground and start spreading it to make a road. Three young men said, no we won't let you do this and they get covered with the liquid and they die.

I see a young girl crying and go out to help her. I grab her before the black liquid touches her. We are both splattered a little with a golden colored liquid but we are not hurt.  She is crying and said she doesn't have anyone left to help her. I told her, yes you do have someone, come with me and we will help each other.  We walked back to the building and someone stopped us saying they will help to get the liquid off our arms.  We are happy even though we are very uncertain about the future.

3.  This dream seems like a scene from the 1940's. I see a woman with a couple of teenage kids. Her husband is a sailor/merchant marine and is away on a job. They are from Europe, speak Slavic and moved to the US before the war.  She is trying to volunteer at a hospital and is told no because she has an accent. She tries to tell them she has medical training and wants to volunteer. She is told no, you cannot help because you have a Slavic accent. So she leaves and walks home wondering when her husband will be home. In the next scene I see the woman's husband has landed and is making his way home. He stops at two places to visit his girlfriends before going home. I wonder if the wife knows he is a womanizer. He is very handsome, dark curly hair and beard.

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