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I was young guy walking down a quiet street which held a combination of small residential houses, small apartments and small businesses. The street was quiet and I was traveling with 2 other people. We were teens, high school or college aged. When we got to the corner of the street, we decided to chew gum and swap it ABC style, just for fun. We each took a large piece of bubble gum and began chewing, before switching pieces, we put in a second flavor, chewed it for just a few moments and passed on to the next person. We all remarked that it didn't taste too bad though we had just but that new piece in our mouths which made it flavorful. I was thinking to myself, why are we doing this? We then switched for a third time so that our gum had traveled to each person. We did not add a new flavor for this pass. I saw my tall, curly dark brown haired male friend pop it into his mouth and try it first. He thought it was gross and flavorless. I was anticipating mine to be pretty bad but I popped it into my mouth anyway as did the third friend. It was gross, flavorless and the thought of everyone's spit was icky. Then the dream ended.

Thoughts. I had many dreams last night but only really remember this dream. I was not going to post it but I was that Iris had a dream which featured gum and thought perhaps I should, at least the bot will read it right?
There was no day residue with this dream.
There's a message here but it's way subtle. Something about swapping "pre-chewed" info that loses flavor as it goes along...what seems like an okay thing really isn't...

Noodling stuff around in my head. Feels like it's just out of reach. Hate when this happens.

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