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Home invasion
Don't remember the date but it's been at least 5 years. I normally wouldn't post such an old dream but it was brought to my attention with the instruction that I needed to post it. I put it off, forgot about it, then was reminded again when I read MTB's dream.

I'm at home in our old house, sleeping. The spouse is gone so I'm alone, except for the cats. I hear a noise, like someone trying to get into the house. The alarm system hasn't sounded yet and I don't know why not. I slip from bed, still in my nightshirt, go to the closet and retrieve my .45. Check to make sure there's a full magazine and a round in the chamber. Stealth mode into the main living area, keeping low, checking the windows in the back of the house to make sure no one's trying to get into the back. Not too worried about that, they'd have to climb up a few feet to get onto the back porch and I'd see them before they saw me. Hunker down next to the stone half wall that divides the kitchen from the main room. I peer around the edge and see at least three shapes working the front door. Call 911 and tell the answering operator there are people attempting to access my house, that I'm alone and armed. She tells me to remain on the line. I tell her I will but I would put her on speaker and drop the phone to the floor to keep my hands free. She tells me that help is on the way but I'm aware that I live in a county that's sparsely covered and I'm on my own for at least 15 minutes. There's the crash-tinkle of breaking glass. The alarm system goes nuts. I yell out that police are on the way and I am armed and I WILL shoot to kill should anyone be stupid enough to enter the house. I hear the operator repeating my words to whoever she's talking to via radio, then she's telling me to breathe. I tell her I'm way ahead of her. I take a couple calming breaths. Time seems to slow. I see someone peering in through the broken window but know he can't see me even though I can see him. I don't want to do this but I will and I'll deal with whatever happens. I raise my gun, take aim, and thumb off the safety. Someone is going to die today and it won't be me.


I'm surprised by how vividly I remember this dream years after I dreamed it. I can even tell you what nightshirt I was wearing, which was the nightshirt I was actually wearing at the time I dreamed this dream.

Our house was the house we were living in up until we sold it last year. The only difference was the furniture was rearranged with a bookcase located in a place I never put a bookcase(probably because of this dream. If the bookcase wasn't located where it was in the dream, then the dream was changed, was my thinking).

At the time of the dream, our house was the only house at our end of the street in a development out in the country. The nearest neighbor was a couple minutes walk up the street. We lived in a fairly large county where the law enforcement was spread out. It was common knowledge that if something happened, it would take at least 20 minutes for help to arrive(unless LE was at our end of the county) so we had to be prepared to handle things on our own. It's one of the reasons I learned how to shoot, so I could take care of myself when I was alone.

During the time we lived in the house, we never had an invasion incident(at least not by humans. Feral hogs, OTOH, we got those. Big Grin ).
What a scary dream. At least you were ready to face whoever was breaking in so that's good.

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