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Asia + Riddick, 7/3/16, am
This morning as I was trying to remember anything from my dreams, I heard the following: 1. SE Asia Nuclear. 2. Colleen Riddick. I am certain of the first name of the woman was Colleen. Not certain of the last name, it sounded a lot like Riddick.

Afterthoughts: No day residue with this one. I don't know anyone named Colleen Riddick and found nothing on Google connecting that name with anything nuclear.
Maybe not Colleen, but there is an artist named Mark Riddick that does graphics for death metal and black metal bands. Found this on a website called Nuclear War Now Productions.
Thanks, I'll check the links.
Wow. That's unusually coincidental, right? Nuclear + Rikkick is found in the website that GG found. Unusually gruesome too!

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