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Change in Euros, lots of numbers
I had no intention on this dream, but it had a lot of language items and numbers for the dream bot.

My wife and I are going to some event at the Staple's center. After the event, we are going to be going in separate directions so we've taken two cars. We exit off the freeway, make a left turn, and then a right where we'll be parking. I am thinking it sucks we took two cars, since we'll now have to pay for parking twice. The parking is outside, for some reason we are going into the facility and paying inside. It is definitely not the Staple's center, but I am in the place I was heading. The parking attendant tells me the price (I forget exactly what it was, it was under $20). I open my wallet up - I have a 50 dollar bill and a 20 dollar bill. Since the 50 will be a pain to use, I decide I'll pay with the $50 bill; when I pull it out, the attendant looks at me and ask "Do you have any Alexanders?". I let him know that I do, but that I'd rather pay with the 50. He frowns and mentions I can do that, but there is an extra fee to use the $50 bill. He looks at a table and then tells me that he doesn't have to charge me a fee after all, and gives me change and a receipt. I look at the receipt, it indicates that he's given me change of 18.35 Euros. I am now in the building, I have a backpack with me and I'm wondering if there are any lockers; there are floor to ceiling height lockers, some wider. They have $1 and $5 slots for coins, which bugs me because I don't have any coins in that denomination.
Eek. Sounds like world currency.
Head's might be related to something more positive concerning monetary change. Anyone know how legit this video is?....
i read this and thy name came up. Atum -ra.
Atum is metatron 1,ra is 2, and amun is 3. Father/son/holy spirit
In the middle of the New Kingdom, Pharaoh Akhenaten promoted the god Aten over all others and eventually abolished the official worship of most other gods. Traditional temples were neglected while new Aten temples, differing sharply in design and construction, were erected. But Akhenaten's revolution was reversed soon after his death, with the traditional cults reinstated and the new temples dismantled.

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