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San Francisco Earth Quake
I had a dream at the end of 2015, I remember it quite vividly, although i have not had time to go through all of my dreams listed in excel to find the dream. I am afraid i will forget this connection however if i do not make a note of it. This is what this post is about.

This past Sunday 7/10/2016 I went on a date, my date and I went to the San Francisco Zoo, neither of us had ever been to this zoo, and I have never been to a zoo in my entire life. That is why this stuck with me, because i know there is no way that this is day residue.

While we were there, we went to a very tall two story building that looked like a cross between an old barn on the outside, and a western saloon on the inside. The building had large square windows at one end and a wooden floor. Many people entered the building and all stood facing the windows, just like in my dream, because in waking life this building houses the giraffe's.

There I was standing there in the room, looking at the giraff's with a silent panic in my head, and I was praying silently that the big one did not hit at that moment. In the dream the entire building was shifting from side to side, and people were screaming. There was a bright light from the windows, which is real life faces the ocean.

Between the dream and seeing a real physical location I am convinced there will be an asteroid or nuclear detonation that hits the west coast ocean, or slightly above it, which also triggers huge earth quakes, and a giant wave.

The level of fear in my heart for all of the people going about their days not realizing that some thing huge is coming and sadly, they wouldn't listen if i tried to tell them. This just pains my heart so deeply.

[Image: sf-zoo-giraffe.jpg?w=640&h=480]

[Image: San-Francisco04.jpg]

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