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Cherished photos
I had a treasured old photo in a wood frame with a silver finish with a slight black glaze and a blue mat. I had 2 other more recent photos that I wanted to frame in a similar manner so I could hang or display the 3 as a set. I went to the framing/gift store to see what they had. The store was in a mall but was on an exterior wall with glass windows looking out upon the parking lot. I ended up working at the store to make the money to buy what I desired, or perhaps I worked there initially. A young boy (5 - 8) with dark hair came in, earnest, charming, and helped me in the store that day.

Days went by and the boy came in again, this time with his father, who resembled Kyle Chambers in both looks and mannerism. I was pleased to see the boy again and told him how much I enjoyed working with him previously.

Kyle had a photo to frame, I believe of him and his son, and I was inspired to show him another framed photo hanging in the store, this of a preacher and his young son, with a snippet of a short hand-printed verse framed with it. The verse was something about sun/spring/day. Kyle was reluctant to look at any other merchandise; I could sense money was tight. However, once he saw this framed photo I could tell he was taken with it, and I thought perhaps he was the young son in the photo. I wanted to show him how his photo could be framed to match the preacher/son one, and told him I had a frame in mind and an example I could show him (my previously mentioned set of 3 with blue mat/silver frame) but these were in the trunk of my car and I could not leave the store at the time. He said he would come back later.

At the same time, I was aware of the boy's mother in bed with another older, skinny man, with another boy curled up with them, and she was talking of a third on the way. So Kyle perhaps was her ex. I sensed that the older skinny man beat the boys when angry, and Kyle was not aware of it.

I continued to work in the store, and one of the other employees came in, an older slim woman in a long cotton dress with graying chin length hair. As I was showing her the photo previously discussed, I brushed against her foot. She was wearing flats, and she winced and cried in pain.

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