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7/12/2016 9:15 am Demon Hell on Earth
I leave my home, an elderly couple bar the door behind me, we have no food left so i have to leave. I am dirty all over and I look just like the rest of the zombie demons walking around eating human corpses in the field outside of this small cabin.

I manage to walk right past them, i do not know how. I am still human and i am not possessed by a demon.

I come across another human, he is battling the demons and winning, although he has to kill the host, so it is a sad victory. He has a small girl with her, and as we are traveling through the land we pick up more humans, fighting with us.

Some how we managed to make it back to my home in the woods, but no one is there, they are all long gone, dead or worse, possessed.

We come across an old castle, and just outside of the castle is a large house made of extremely large logs of redwood. Right behind the house is a redwood Forrest and when i bump into the tree i feel someone inside of it hiding. We start peeling back the layers of bark on the trees to find people hiding inside, mostly small children.

After we get all of the children from the walls, we start heading through the castle, we have to get to the sanctuary. I turn around and look in the mirror and i see some of our guys reflections and they are demons. Their skin is a bluish tint and they have a black goo that they use, they put it on the tips of their swords and arrow to convert others in battle.

We make it out of the castle and we are now running through a field to the promise land which a group of the children are picked up by either giant birds or dragons and dropped on the food of a building.

I am among the kids, and I noticed their is one little boy who is instructing the other kids, they follow him. He is the head demon. I do not understand why he was hiding as a child, but now i get it, he was the one turning the adults. He instructs one of the children to jump off of the roof and they do. They fall to their death, I look over the edge of the roof to see the little blonde girls body mangled on the ground, and blood soaking her beautiful golden locks of hair.

I am trying to think quickly on my feet, how do i destroy him. He looks at me and i go flying off of the roof. I am now on the ground and i look up. I am at my old house, wait this cant be the sanctuary we were promised, this is a lie! There is no safe place, we have to fight and we have to win or there will be no more us.

I stand up and go running towards the others battling in the field but it is a massacre. They are all dead in the field. I hear a loud screeching from the giant bird above. I open my eyes and wake up the sound of the tea kettle screeching in the kitchen.
Published on Jul 13, 2016

"That's that FLAKKA!" ZOMBIE OUTBREAK NYC. K2 (Synthetic Marijuana) Military Federal government "social experiment" taking over some parts of NYC.NYC ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: K2/FLAKKA EPIDEMIC!!!

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