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Everything wrong
(07-17-2016, 07:41 AM)ybul0229 Wrote: So I was dreaming that we were going to fix two minor problems on two Mitsubishi vehicles. I had the part descriptions we needed and took them when I went to town. Upon arriving at town I was told why I shouldn't get said part at one store. At the place where I asked them to replace the part for me they refused to give an estimate because this that or the other could make it more expensive.  

I also stated that I was raising grass fed beef and how it was going to work out for me financially.  While I was talking to the shop about them fixing the vehicle for me, the individual who I told about beef refused to listen to my rationalization as to why it was a good idea. The parts shop seemingly morphed into a fabric store and I bought some fabric I needed for something and tried to pay and leave.

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My take on this refusal is no matter what the facts are regarding GMOs and industrial farming, most people close their eyes and choose to remain uninformed. Angel

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