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7/17/16 What if there were ZERO STARS?
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<----- DISCUSSION ----->
I’m enamored with “zero stars.” The first thing I thought of was the celestial stars, but then there’s Hollywood stars and that makes a lot more sense in terms of headlines. I can’t imagine the heavenly stars disappearing, but Hollywood stars… that’s more plausible. OR how about this: Israel is represented by a star, the Star of David! Uh oh….    Good thing the word Stars is plural in this bot run because that should remove the Star of David from the possibilities list.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

There is a good chance  Zeros Stars will have multiple meaning so I want to throw some thoughts out there.
Stars- this could mean famous people, US states, law enforcement, jewish people, a country with a star/stars, celestial bodies.
Zero Stars-
Re:  something happening with Hollywood type people, a strike, a movie/tv walk out, the targeting of stars by crazies or terrorists
Re:-US states the US country-The targeting of the US or states by terrorists or crazy people.  The taking away of some states rights.
Re: Law enforcement- The targeting of police, desire/attempt to kill law enforcement.  This has already happened this morning in Baton Rouge, 7 hit, 3 killed.
Re-Jewish People (as Eagle has referenced above)- Moses has been in recent runs.  Perhaps there is a migration of Jewish people from a country, city.  Perhaps Jewish people are targeted somewhere.
Re: stars from space- perhaps some news about black holes.  
Also, it could be the removing of a General/s which also is happening in Turkey right now after the coup.

Adding Phantom-  
Phantom might be a snipper (police shooting), Black hole, or a country who is working behind the scenes and ghost like, to accomplish a goal with another country.
And the celebrity dreams here have been increasing. In some they are in danger, in others, not so concerned about their influence.
LIKED -to me- has a large symbolic influence.  Liking and Stars reminds me of a rating system. This product has 5 stars.... this one has zero stars. It was LIKED ZERO STARS.

Furthermore, there is AGREE-ment(/al) that the "product" has zero stars.... meaning the product is Disfunctional, not operating as intended, discombobulated, Not As Described, Not Applicable, Broken Upon Arrival, a PHANTOM product, SNAKE-oil, etc.

A great number of BEINGS are meeting the collective Human Consciousness, in the DREAM state, and thus in each of our dreams. They may seem like phantoms, snakes, creatures. These beings/creatures are our PARTNERS. The dream world is ESCAPING into our waking reality (vibrational increase, physics -David Wilcock). The SNAKE helps us LIVE(d) possibilities CAUSAL to GREATness. We WISHed for it. ;-) It has already OCCURRED! (Saturday night?)

To summarize: The MEETING of our more etheric "imaginary" dream-like (4th/5th density) PARTNERS (that OCCURRED last night) is (basically) uniformly AGREED to be a LIKED as a ZERO STAR product (aka, cannot be commercialized).

NOTES were exchanged/requested. "What is it like being you?" might be a great question to start. Maybe the majority of 3rd density humans see their lives as zero star chattel/Commercial products (without knowing they are defined as such by the governmental service corporations pretending to be legitimate governments), and those who can escape are cause for "greatness"?
Very interesting Belisoful! Thanks!
WOW! I'm digging the contributions in this thread!! TwiceBlessed with a list of possibilities for star--nice and complete from my perspective, Twice!

And then there's belisoful with my kind of esoteric language. Sounds almost like we have another Law of One expert in our midst. I love that interpretation of the linguistics. I'm really starting to love this bot run. I had my doubts this morning, but with everyone else' help it's starting to grow on me big time.
Oh, forgot to mention. I really like TwiceBlessed and how she picked up on Stars=US States. What if zero stars = zero states (i.e, disintegration of the US)??

Revelation 6:13

and the stars of the heaven fell unto the earth, as a fig tree casteth her unripe figs when she is shaken of a great wind.
Could it be "ZERO STAR" is linked to the security concerns at the Olympics? Could "ZERO STAR" mean that the Olympics in Brazil could be cancelled due to security concerns, thus no athletic stars? There's numerous articles today on Brazil's lack of security preparedness.
OMG!! I think you are on to something.
And the attack today at the former Olympic site in Germany.
In fact, perhaps this is what it was forecasting!!! There are no STARS at this Olympic Location now.
"The shopping mall where the shooting took place is located in what was the Olympic Village for the 1972 Munich Olympics, during which 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed along with a German policeman."
My hair is itching.

You're on to something. This story is very relevant.

Okay. Memory got jiggled about athletes announcing they weren't going to participate in the Rio Olympics due to fears about the Zika virus:,00.html

Add in the fallout of the banning of Russian track and field athletes due to doping:


Let's not forget security concerns:

Is it possible that the Rio Olympics may be postponed or simply cancelled("zero stars")?

And another thought occurred to me:

Brazil's flag contains a starry field.

No Olympics=zero stars(no waving of Brazil's flag)?
Brazil's flag has 27 stars. Dang!
Ok. Yep. We need to ponder about zero stars in relation to the Olympics. Do they happen, is there an event that will happen, to stop the Olympics mid way, will famous Olympians be shut out of medals?

Also, Charlotte lost the NBA All Star game.
Putin says absence of Russian stars damages Rio Games
AFP•July 27, 2016

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