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Trump is Shot
I am in a large crowd in a downtown area with skyscrapers all around. I see Trump entering a building and a shot from above is heard. I see Trump fall. The crowd goes into pandemonium and I am running. I come to a bridge but am afraid to cross. I look down and see beautiful blue water that has white sand on the bottom. I decide it is safer to swim and go down to the bank. As I am taking off my shoes, someone comes up to me and I ask them what is happening now. They reply that Trump is dead and that it happened because he picked his VP. I said why would that matter? I am told that the VP and Ryan would be the candidates now. I realize I have to cross now before it is too dangerous. At that point, a dolphin pops out of the water. I enter the water knowing I'm safe and it is OK to cross now.
Note: I am not a political person. Huh
Like the part of the dolphin making you feel safe. What with all the protests going on around Trump running for President, I would not be surprised if someone tried to shoot him.
"watch the dolphins"..... --Chani

The older NDC crowd will recognize that command. Although just popping out of the water doesn't seem to signify anything to me. If anything, we can say that when all hell breaks loose, everything will be okay. It will be safe for us to cross over.
Maybe we should revisit the Chani material at this point in time.

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