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7/18/2016 3:33 AM Tsunami
I woke up terrified sweating, the Wind Walk was very long and i felt like I couldn't pull myself out of this wind walk, even though i wanted to. My guide was there, i could feel him there. This was a reminder that there is work to be done. (I felt like he was shaking and screaming remember what you came here to do)

I was so tired however that as i was falling back asleep i kept thinking to myself, i will remember all of these details, who could forget? This was horrific.

Upon waking i could only remember that this happened, and i could not remember the details! DOH!

[Image: tsunami_xoptimizadax--644x362.jpg]
[Image: 18119c4db71452796ff14622124a7fa3.jpg]

I have added the rest of the Tsunami Dreams I have had since this seems to be an ongoing theme for me.

(Note: I had the above dream 5 times in 1979)

Year 1981 Age 8: I tried to brace myself against a rock but when the wave hit me, my head hit the rock and everything went black.

(Note: i had the above dream 2 times in 1981, & 1982)

After I had my daughter:

Year 1992 Age 19: My daughter and mother were playing on the beach and i was sitting in the car, i was trying to warn them but i was locked in the car and couldn't open the windows... as the water went out, the car i was in, was being pulled down with the water going out. I woke when the waves started covering the windshield of the car.

Year 1994 Age 21: My daughter and I were on board walk with a double deck of wood. made of big strong logs. we saw the waves coming in, everyone was running trying to get away. I knew the wave was too big to run from so i pushed my daughter up against the pillar and pushed my body onto hers trying to hold her to the pillar but when the wave came i couldn't hold onto her and the pillar and she drifted away.

(Note: I had the above dream twelve times from 1994-1996)

Year 2003 Age 30: I was on a floating city, it was three stories high with roads, trees, houses, and businesses. I was walking near the edge when i saw the wave coming. I held onto a tree but woke before the wave hit. Like this one

Year 2009 Age 36: I was at a mountain sky resort, i was at the far east of the valley. There were ski lifts going from hotel to hotel. I took my daughter and ran to the top floor of the building. I at a large window and facing east. As the wave came over the hotel i could see people in the wave falling from the roof top ski lift. People were screaming and running everywhere. As soon as the first wave was over i left the hotel and ran for the mountains because i knew the next wave would be much larger.

Year 2014 Age 41: I was crab fishing from a small boat just off the coast of California, when i saw the wave, i ran into the cabin and braced myself against the closet and the bed. I could see the base of the wave out of the window of the boat, i felt the boat begin to roll, i was dislodged from the space and my head hit the ceiling, water began pouring in but i couldn't get my footing because the board was still rolling.

Year 2014 Continued
12/5/2014 11:20am Wave of Biblical Proportions

I am at a grocery super store and I am buying bulk food, most of the shelves are empty so I am getting what I can, I have two shopping carts full. There are only two rows of shelves left and this store has a sale on everything, they look like they are under construction or closing.

When I am done shopping I go home to a small blue two bedroom cottage styled house at the end of the street. My husband and I are renting this house, and I am trying to fit all the food I just bought into the freezer so we will have food for later.

My husband & I begin to look online and make a map of houses we want to purchase, first time home buyers. As we are walking out to my car, my old boss and mentor (A retired Marine) is sitting on a bus stop bench he looks up and says “I am proud of you” Good luck with buying a house.

My husband and I get into a newer Green Slug Bug to do our house shopping.

(Nothing in this dream is normal for my husband and I we rent an apartment, can’t afford to buy in the bay area, my mentor has moved out of state and I no longer see or talk to him, and I wouldn't be caught dead in a slug bug!)

The scene changes and my daughter and I are sitting on the deck of a cruise ship; we are playing a game with puzzle pieces and enjoying the sun. My cat is laying close by also enjoying the sun. I suddenly hear what sounds like elephant’s or trumpets, I look up to see elephant’s in the water in a panic, we are really far out to sea, not anywhere near land so the sight of a herd of elephant’s is alarming to me.

I notice a huge wave coming towards us and I tell my daughter to grab my cat, and I grab my daughter with one hand and the railing with the other. The wave doesn't hit us but there is another wave behind that one which is even bigger. People are now running everywhere trying to get inside the cruise ship. I hear one woman scream, it’s a wave of biblical proportions! I tell my daughter to run there is enough time, we can make it! She is holding my cat in her arms and we both begin to run for the cabin when I Jolts awake, and jump out of bed.

2014 Continued
12/10/2014 2:40pm Holiday Party & wave on the horizon
posted Dec 10, 2014 by DreamWeaver
I am sitting at my desk and my client stops by and hands me a stack of gift cards, he asks me to give them out to all of his clients and contractors. As he is walking away i ask him these are all under $35.00 each right? I am looking at the gift cards and they are all Nobhill cards with a white back ground black writing. Black & White (metaphor) I look up from my desk and there are all different people of different races around me, and I know them all, I am hugging and greeting them, I realize they are all here for the party. I am now walking around in a shopping center and the celebrations are in full force, we are all watching each other’s cultural dances, and people are singing in the streets. Not a single person is missing, everyone on earth is dancing in the streets and saying hello to each other, I watch one family do an Asian cultural dance down the sidewalk which we are on a slight hill, so this reminds me of San Francisco, near China town. Everyone is shaking hands and everyone is happy. I get a sudden feeling this is not exactly the happy holiday or new year’s party I was expecting. I notice a hazy mist like from smog on the horizon, I am compelled to watch it, as I am watching it, I notice it change slightly, soon people in front of me are running away from it, when it is closed enough i see it is a massive giant wave. I just stand there, because there is nowhere to run and hide from this. The wave on the Horizon is taller than the tallest buildings. I wake as the wave is approaching me.

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