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Buying a boat
Started out somewhere very remote wanting to buy a boat. We were shown all the features of the boat and then the sales rep said well I'll meet you back at the marina

We thought we'd have a nice sail back, boy were we wrong. Started sailing into the storm and realized we did not want to be in it as the waves were getting very high. Thought to myself what's faster than an empty boat with the passengers hiked out as far as they could be.

Had to turn in a direction to catch the most wind which was very indirect on how we would arrive. We were so fast on our indirect route we almost caught the sales guy on the trip back to the marina.

The sea was so rough on the trip that I wanted to stop but did not and persevered.

No day residue at all in it

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Given I keep dreaming of boats and the ocean, and I live at 7000 feet I would guess there is something there.

The last water dream made me think the topography had changed

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