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7/20/16 "Emotional World Crazy"
Trending: calculator programming witch failed zero hunting stars lack flight forget least brick remarkable storm negative sleep notes bomb wake occurred late beings cat early wonder hidden situation up speak fear
Waning: sat emotional world crazy agreed changed church grandmother imagine shop bus indeed sun moon experience traveling totally anniversary odyssey mon

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"Calculator Programming Witch Failed Zero"

Much of the TV programming is calculated. Magic is "cast" by witches. They use sigil magic, mudras (hand signals), coded words, symbols, etc. The Negative Magic is failed. DEBT MAGIC is one of the most common and (seemingly) mis-understood divisive magics. Debt uses a massive amount of calculated sigil programming by sorcerers (such as the WITCH Jane Yellen). The Destructive Magic is failed and the [debt] system's value and worth are zero.

The process of producing SIGILS is calculated and programmed. It's a fascinating study, though I refuse to practice it.

People better have gold and silver... it is lawful money. Notes of Debt are worth-less than one might believe. Let me put it like this: a number of a piece of paper doesn't have any real meaning beyond what others give it. What meaning do you give debt that is literally created in infinite amounts out of nothing? as 0 & 1s in a computer? and as a number on a piece of paper?

What exactly is the Bankrupt debt-money worth when the C.F.R. reports that the FEDERAL RESERVE has accounts worth over one million trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars?
Zero and Stars TRENDING again after disappearing for 2 days?  This is odd!

Trump expected many stars to speak at the Republican Convention but most did not end up coming.  Could this be our zero failed and stars ?
Well, hang on.  Here is a story that fits zero stars, but not much else of the run. Someone put a mini concrete boarder wall with barbed wire around Turmp's Hollywood Walk of fame Star.

calculator programming witch failed zero hunting stars lack flight- this sounds a bit like a space issue.  A telescope  or probe which fails due to a computer problem and we lose contact with the device or it can't send signals. Hmm, a NASA blackout?  A space station issue?  Perhaps a Juno probe issue?
Below is a link to the 7-17-16 bot run with zero stars.

Last but not least, remarkable storm.
We are having dreams dreaming of water and boats also many different runs are speaking of storms, water and waves. I think I will try doing a meme on this when I have time later today.
WOW!  Look a this match for today's run!!!  Buzz Aldrin spoke today on the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Seems the bot run knew all about it.

calculator programming witch failed zero hunting stars lack flight
moon experience traveling totally anniversary odyssey

"On Wednesday, the 86-year-old celebrated the the 47th anniversary of their Apollo 11 mission by stepping out on Facebook Live for the first time to talk about his ideas for the future of space exploration ― and to reminisce a bit.

Speaking with his daughter, Jan, Aldrin shared his memories of the mission, including the ingenious way he tried to fix a circuit-breaker that threatened to block their return to Earth.
“I used a felt-tip pen and pushed it in, and Houston says, ‘Hooray, we got a live circuit!’” Aldrin recalled. “Then we were ready to proceed with the countdown.”"
Wow, same freaking day AGAIN. The bot run manifestation time is mere hours now, but just based on observation for now. We should begin counting days to manifestation and build a spreadsheet for better analysis of this. The trend now is very short manifestion times, or so it seems. Thanks Twice!
Yes I like the idea of gathering date on #came true time frames.
It's almost like we can't report the 6 weeks anymore.
Well, I think we can as an outer period. But seriously, we should gather data. Somethings also are small hits at first with larger happening later. I would love to see where things are falling right now. Perhaps this is why there are not many Olympic memes right now. Maybe they will hit much closer to the games.
I adjusted your hashtag, Twice. Smile

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