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Looking for new home, Dreamed 7/20/16, am
Start of Dream. I am in an area that has homes built into and on big boulders and cliffs. Lots of rock and dirt in the area. I am thinking about if this would be a good place to live. I watch as people are packing and leaving the area. So I wonder why they want to leave. Then I hear it's because they have no water anymore. I think, well I'll need to scratch this place off my list.

In the next scene I am in an apartment building looking at the apartments. I knock on a door and a family living there invites me in to see the apartment. The family consists of a mom, dad, a teenage girl and 2 small children, a boy and a girl. They are getting ready for a trip to bring the little boy to a relative. The two children come into the living room and the boy smiles at me and starts talking to me. The adults are surprised that he is talking because he doesn't ever say much. Everyone one in this family is very happy and nice. End of dream.

Afterthoughts: I have no plans at this time to move. None of the people in the dream are familiar to me.

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