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Lassen Volcano
This mornings's dream was vivid and intense, even got me to give up lurking and register!

I'm watching the scene, 2 men hiking on the top of a ridge. I think they are scientists, definitely there for a reason not just vacation. Both white, one has brown hair and beard, both wear shorts and packs. It's daytime, feels late afternoon, August or September. there is a rumble then an outgas then an eruption. One man dies, not clear what happened to beard man. I hear Lassen Volcano and wake up
Lassen Volcanic National Park is a United States National Park in northeastern California. The dominant feature of the park is Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world and the southern-most volcano in the Cascade Range.

Thanks for posting Clementine!
Hello Clementine - Thanks for registering!

If your dream pops up in the news for that area in the fall, please post an update to your dream on this same thread.
Which US Volcanos are likely to erupt next?

100 years after eruption, Mt. Lassen threat remains (from 2015)
Hi Clementine! Welcome to the NDC, we are happy you decided to de-lurk and share your dream.
I have actually hiked to the top of Lassen, about 22 years ago. It is a wonderful volcano and park in the Cascades. It is dormant and hasn't erupted for around 100 years if I remember correctly. The last one was rather large. IF one were on the mountain during an eruption , there would no way to get off in good time. Narrow swtichback trails and climbing around and through boulders would make that difficult.
Twice, I posted the link above to the anniversary, you were right, it was in 1915.

And you just coined a new word - de-lurking! Love it, hahaha!!!! Big Grin
Thanks GG. I did not look at the link before posting.

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