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7/24/2016 11:32am Frustrated & Stressed out by Other people!
I am in a large Victorian house and i am a renter, i decide to rent out three of the rooms, now all of a sudden there are 6 people living in the house, which the landlord did not approve. On top of that i go into the kitchen to find it flooded, which means the basement now will also be flooded, all because of my male roommates used the bathroom just off the kitchen and didn't wait around to make sure it flushed after doing his business.

On top of that level of nastiness, i also discover Lincoln logs floating around in the kitchen! Eww

I say fuck it, and leave to go to work, but when i get to work, the co-owners in this office furniture store business are all f&#king off, and playing pranks on each other. One of my co-workers and I leave the store to go and look at new furniture ideas, and when we return, the other co-owners will not let us into the van and our store has been completely destroyed! All because one person had to one up another.

I get home to find a satanic ritual of a man getting a Blow Job from a goat in my living room, and that is when i say, okay i have had enough. I woke up at the site of this.

Upon waking my thoughts went directly to work... Ugh I know it is Sunday, but the client keeps emailing me. So off to work I go.
I wish you dreams of flowers, birds singing and rainbows. You need a dream vacation, a dream which is like a vacation.
You saying that takes me back to the dream of jumping from couch to couch on the beach i had in 2015! What a great dream that was.

I woke up at the Sight (not site) of this... .lol... typos
And this is when I appreciate my dreams of puppies and nice houses and dead relatives LOL. I'll send some your way Windy!!!
Now that I am almost done for the day... i reread the dream, and started busting up laughing about the man getting a BJ from a goat... That image is seared in to my brain now. So damn disturbing! It is still replaying in my head in slow motion like the replay of a sporting event at the big game on the jumbo tron!

I wish i could etcha sketch my brain, but i can not un-see that crap! So WRONG! So Many Levels!
Just for the record.... I don't live in a Victorian house, I do not work at an office furniture store, nor am I a Co-owner of such a business, I do not have roommates, let alone ones into satanism.

I am beginning to wonder after re-reading this dream if this is someone else's life that will be completed devastated.

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