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flash Flood?
So I do not remember the start of the dream and how I got to this point.

My mother and I were in an ocean fishing tournament ( my son was there maybe at the start or I just said that he caught a fish with the crazy teeth and they only live in tropical zones)  The fish we caught was not like it - anyway that is the part I do not remember well.  My mother caught the fish I think we had it close to being landed and threw it up on the edge of the ocean, it had a steep drop off like at lake power.  Below us were two sharks so I pulled us close to shore and got my mom on land.  At which point the scene changed back to a mountain and a group of people on a large boat racing out of the path of a flood of some form.  They just wanted out as destruction from the flood or something was chasing them down the mountain side.  

I tried to intend something from August but this seems very random.
Maybe not random Sunatta. There has been a water meme going, and this kept pointing towards water and things aquatic in nature.

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