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Hotel and ring
I'm in a older hotel with wood floors. I'm getting some stones for a ring to be made. I picked 2 black ones but later I'm only given 1 black one and one white one in a small box. I'm also given some blue corduroy pants. I'm wearing them. I like cords. There was a big pile of them. I guess people don't like them.
I didn't get the ring made since I don't like any objects attached to me.
Hi RonJ, thanks for posting your dream.
Your dream reminded me of the Olympics. You mentioned 3 Olympic colors and trying to make a ring. As we know, Rio is having a difficult time getting ready to host the Olympics. Many important areas including Olympic housing, are not ready and the games are only a week away.
RonJ - you mention not liking objects attached to you, but apparently in the beginning of the dream you were getting it made. Do you remember if it really was for you in the start, or could it have been for someone else? What do the colors mean to you? And wearing something you like - what could that mean to you?

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