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8/7/2016 11:42am CASTLE - Past & Present + Percussion grenade
I am on the outskirts of a castle in mid-evil times, there has been a great war, i was a slave during the fighting, and i hid under dead bodies until most of the fighting was either over or had moved on.

I got up and found someone of noble decent who had been killed in the battle, and i took his clothes and put them on. I began moving my way through the castle and i established myself as a noble, and i claimed this mans name, and family fortune.

(This is the weird part of the dream that blurs the lines between past and present)

Suddenly i came up with the idea to invent a scooter, made of metal like the kids versions from the 1990's. I gave this scooter to a young woman, who was wearing modern day clothing (Crop top and shorts) Suddenly i am in the body of the young woman and i am selling the scooters to noble people passing by inside of the castle walls.

NOTE: Must research who designed or made the first scooter, their last name or family line is false, they do not realize that they are descended from slaves.

As I am in that space between sleeping and waking I hear, see, and feel a bomb go off!
Someone whispers in my ear Percussion grenade.

All sounds are gone but i see some birds fly off in the distance, oddly they are not making any noise, i believe i am temporarily def from the grenade. I can not move either, my insides feel like jello, and i can still feel the ripples from the explosion moving through my body.

NOTE: I get a mental picture of an open field, completely different location from the castle, but still tied to the land of the castle. I am not sure if I am seeing how someone died, or is this something for the future. I get the impression that the past is directly linked to the future... and the Percussion grenade maybe going off in a British town, or some other land or country that has English styled castles.

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